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Anyone else P***** off with their bridal shop? I have had enough!

My bridal shop has annoyed me so much!!! Please tell me Ladies if it is me or if it is them, I am lost... Here is what happened:

I ordered my dress from a shop that made me sign that I will pay for the dress in full on collection regardless ... the lady pointed out as a -joke' that even if the wedding gets called off I will still have to pay and take the dress. The service in the shop was terrible and sales assistants very unpleasant to deal with. But of course I wanted the dress so I put the deposit down. That was back in November. They were supposed to phone me for the first fitting (scheduled on my receipt for May). My wedding is at the beginning of August.

I never heard from them so I phoned them up to check what was happening.

The woman on the phone told me that the dress had arrived a while ago and gave no explanation for them failing to even phone me. Needless to say I was getting worried and concerned that there was a delay or a problem. I could not believe they did not even bother to notify me that they got the dress in.

When I found out that the dress was in, I wanted to book an appointment to chose my veil and tiara in the same shop, as I normally find it very difficult accessorising without seeing the -whole picture'. I phoned them up to ask if I could come in to try on either my dress or the shop sample to choose the veil and tiara. Apparently it takes 3 weeks for the veil to come in (which I found out only by chance cos I was previously told it would be a week). Their stuff is not cheap but really nice and I liked the accessories I have seen in there. Reluctantly they have booked me in for an appointment to accessorise and then for the first fitting 3 weeks later, so that I would have my accessories all ready for my hair trail and go into the shop for the fitting with my hair done (my hairdresser insisted that that is the best way to see how it all looks together).

So I thought it was all sorted and arranged, until I received a phone call from the bridal shop this morning. They phoned me up to cancel the appointment they had made for accessories saying that they don't have time for me to do this and that they can't have brides coming in and out of their shop. What do they mean coming in and out? They are a bridal shop !I have paid for this dress and the service, I want to try in on to choose my veil and tiara to go with it- it takes 5 minutes, if that, to put the dress on, that is what they are there for, and that is what they take our money for. They have a sample of my dress in the shop and they will not allow me to try even that one on. They told me I have to wait till the 1st fitting to choose my accessories and that -since I am slim I should have no problems keeping my weight. I may be slim but that does not mean I can have my fitting any time like they suggested, my weight still changes. I am not happy with their service at all. They were quick taking my money, every time I was in there they did not seem that busy, always having time to stand round chatting, it is such a shame that they are being so difficult. It is all leaving a biter taste now and I feel I have had enough of them treating me like that and it is making me start to dislike my dress.


  • AnnaBrideAnnaBride Posts: 640
    That's terrible service!

    Can you speak to a manager? Tell them how disappointed you are with the service.

    Failing that, write a strongly worded letter to the management and send a copy to the designer of your dress to let them know the shocking service you have had.

  • louzzuklouzzuk Posts: 489
    Blimey, they sound awful. I had none of that, I went a couple of weeks ago just to try my dress on with all my accessories and they were great. I'm not quite sure what you can do about it though, except tell them to stick it where the sun don't shine, but with the ridculous price of wedding dresses, thats hardly very practical. Sorry I can't help. xx
  • Tricksteruk1Tricksteruk1 Posts: 805
    That sounds awful. I'd ask to speak to the manager. My shop has let me go in and try the shop sample for accessorizing purposes a few times even though MY dress has arrived and I've had a fitting. Mind you, I'm pretty peeved about the fittings but that's a whole different story.

    Definitely speak to someone higher up the pecking order.
  • niclou79niclou79 Posts: 1,142
    I'm always shocked when and shop behaves like this. My shop were brilliant when I bought the dress, but I went another time just to have a look at the accessories, which are in the entrance room, nowhere near the dresses or changing rooms. The woman who answered the door told me they had someone trying dresses on, so no, we couldn't come in. Even when I said I just wanted to look in the cabinets, I didn't need anyone's help, she still said no and pretty much pushed us out and shut the door! So, i've vowed not to buy anything else from them! I'll be getting my accessories elsewhere! Why should they take more money, for bad service?
  • cebpickle1cebpickle1 Posts: 6,786
    I would complain to management, see if you can take the dress now and find another bridal shop that will help with the fittings and the accessories. If the fittings are meant to be part of the final cost then get them to knock this off.

    How rude, and complain to trading standards about their service
  • shop1909shop1909 Posts: 446
    That sounds awful, I was in my bridal shop with the sample on for over 2 hours this week matching accessories. I don't blame you for being annoyed
  • Seriously, I would take my dress elsewhere for the fittings and accessories. They sound like a bunch of self important hags!
  • I think you have every reason and right to be very annoyed and hacked off.... This is your dream gown/dress and one of the best days in your life that you will ever have.... I detest bridal shops that think they are better than the rest, for whatever silly reason they think!

    The amount of times I have called in (numerous times unannounced and without appointment) to my bridal shop is unthinkable! And even though my dress sample was sold, when I bought in flowers to match up (it's an awkward colour and wanted the flowers to match) they didn't hesitate in bringing out the dress, I never tried the dress on again after it was sold, but I would have been really stuck waiting until my own dress came in to make these decisions!

    A bridal shop is about, the lasting experience and making you want more and wanting to pass their name to the most recent engaged friends you have.

    I would honestly call them up again and politely but firmly ask to see your dress before your fitting so that you can be assured that

    A) It is perfect and there are no issues other than wanting alterations done.

    B) You want to accessorize your wedding dress ASAP because if it is there range of veils and tiaras do not compliment your look you will need to then start looking elsewhere, and as a bride the one thing you cannot buy is TIME! Then if that fails resort to a letter to the manager and threaten one to the designer!!

    I think they have been exceptionally rude, unhelpful and quite frankly in poor taste in comments! They deserve a good old name and shame to hopefully prevent anyone parting with their hard earned cash upfront!

    And lastly please don't fall out of love with the dress, you loved it for a reason and you'll be marrying the man of your dreams with it!!

    Good luck hon K x x x x

  • MoonlyukMoonlyuk Posts: 81
    Thank you very much for such lovely and reassuring replies ladies.

    Going by your advice, I went into my horrible bridal shop last weekend and picked up my dress. I told them I wanted to collect the dress. The reaction was: 'oh, what is the problem?' There was no' sorry', ' is there anything we can do?' - nothing like that. I wanted to have a look at the dress in the shop to check it to make sure it was fine. All looked ok, apart from that it had not been pressed and the delciate organza was badly creased all over. I took the dress home and then spend some time going round local bridal shops this week to find one that would do all the alterations and allow me to bring the dress in to accessorise. And to my surprise each of the bridal shops I went to was so lovely and helpful going out of their way to try to accommodate me. Even though it is such a busy season! And each of them could not believe that my own shop treated me like that.

    Today I ve been to a great local shop, I have chosen and ordered my veil and have an appointment for my fitting - they will alter the dress for me. Thank you all very much for advising me on what to do. I will of course write an appropriate letter of complaint to the management etc. when I get a bit of time.

    Don't let your bridal shop treat you, as if you, your dress and your wedding did not matter! Don't let them make you start having doubts about your dress. There are plenty of shops out there that offer fantastic service, and will make you feel like a princess even if you have not ordered your dress from them!
  • cebpickle1cebpickle1 Posts: 6,786
    Glad you got it sorted and have found a lovely shop for fittings and veil etc
  • uurgh so awful these people annoy me . My shop only ordered 2 bm dresses I paid deposit for 3 . so now have to wait til middle of july my wedding will be 2 weeks later. And I d booked a fitting which she knew about and she wasn't even around to personally apologies for feel that the only day she has bothered to serve me herself ia when we paid ..disgusted with the service after I get dress feel should I say or just leave it ! no thankyou card from me !!! all they want is your money don't actually have genuine care well not all like that . some shops are lovely ad helpful even if ou haven't bought much from them
  • Can't believe they are treating you like this, how rubbish. I bought my dress at a big sample sale with different shops so wasn't sure what to do about accessories. In the end I have taken it in to the shop that i have bought my bridesmaid dresses from, they have been so nice and nothing has been too much trouble for them. I have had it altered with them and tried veils etc on with it when i went for the first fitting. They even let me borrow their shop veil as mine wasn't in yet for my hair trial.

    See if you can find out whose accessories they do and check out other shops in the area to see who does the same. You could take your dress away from them and go elsewhere.

    I would also do as suggested above and write to the shop to complain and send a copy to the designer. There is just no need for this, they should be making things as easy as possible. You have spent your money with them and are wanting to spend more, what is their problem!!

    Good luck and keep us posted.
  • Ahh Moonly I am so pleased you have been reunited with your gorgeous gown and clearly not without hassle, hindrance and once again down right rudeness!

    I am pleased you have found your accessories and even though the shop was not where you bought your gown they give you that service every customer is entitled to receive, but even more so on one of the biggest days of your life where we all spend considerable amounts of effort, time and money on this important day.

    What comes around goes around my love, sure as eggs are eggs!

    Wishing you a very pleasant run up to your wedding day, without any more gripes from the dragons of the bridal world!

    Best wishes for your big day.. Hugs K x x x

  • I think you should let people know who this shop is so they can be avoided at all costs!! I am from the Bournemouth/Poole area and am now glad I haven't come across them as they sound truely horrible!!

    Glad you found another local shop who has helped you to sort out the finals bits xxx
  • Moonly reading your story is like reading my own experience. It has been awful but I haven't felt able to complain as they still have my dress and I am worried something might happen to it. Latest thing was after my first fitting the dress fit perfectly so no alterations were required. As I paid for my dress the lady quietly says so that will be an extra £50 for no alterations. I said what? She silently handed me a laminated piece of card saying if no alterations are required they will charge you £50 for apppointments. I feel conned but paid it because it is two weeks till the wedding and I didn't want any more hassle.
  • angelcake71angelcake71 Posts: 523
    thats terrible..the staff at my bridal shop are fabulous.. well so far anyway.. they phoned today and said my dress was in.. and would I like to make an appointment to try it on and accessorize etc...sadly as I had a major op a few weeks ago..I cant try it on yet.. imageimage
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