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Can anyone help? I have been trying to find out who makes this dress I have seen on an advert. It is in most mags (cosmo bride, y&ywedding...etc) as an advert for anne priscilla bridal. I have been on their website but cant find the dress to see who makes it. I have tried to email them, unsuccessfully. The picture on the advert is a blonde girl, sitting in a leather chair with one leg bent up with the foot on the chair. It is strapless and flowy and she has a necklace with what looks like a feather on it. I am desperate to find out who makes it! x


  • juliabird1juliabird1 Posts: 158
    Can you give us an exact page no/edition of one of the mags its in? Between us all we must have every single mag available on the uk market several times over!
  • jackiebukjackiebuk Posts: 50
    Sounds like its a Jenny Packham dress -
  • petraukpetrauk Posts: 143
    i know the one pippa!!!!! it's HONEYBEE by jenny packham.

    frustrating isn't it, that it's not on the site - i've bought PAPILLON, also by jenny packham (girl with odd headdress, standing by lamp...shiffon & crystal) & that's not on the site either. fate that i saw it in the first YAYW mag i bought & emailed them to source it.

    goog luck!!!! xx
  • petraukpetrauk Posts: 143
    pippa - just double checked on JP website & there's another one on far right column with the same name. can i suggest you call the store in belgravia directly & get the name confirmed? i had a couple of emails from her assistant, ella - try to speak to her. but lots of women in bridal shops have said that's the name, so.... & it's printed down the side of most ads which run that dress...xx
  • Oh same topic can someone help me! In the lastest issue of you and your wedding there is a dress advertised for the designer bridal room but it isn't on their website and i would really like to try it! It is page 60 of may/kune 2006 issue. Thank you
  • Thank you Petra and JackieB for your help, you were right! xx
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