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pronovias sizing the same as normal sizes?

i am a bit concerned......!! I am in the process of buying a wedding dress on line (its a sample and i havent tried it on!) does anyone know how pronovias fit? according to the measurements i should be ok however I cant believe that it will fit me as i struggle to fit my boobs into dresses!! its a size 14 - should i expect this to be a lot smaller than a normal 14? (im a 34G so very concerned now - think i got carried away as it was a bargain!!) oooppps!

(p.s does anyone also know how well structured pronovias are?! im gonna need a lot of support if you know what they mean?!


  • I have a pronovias dress for my wedding in 6 weeks. I am a normal size 10 but have a size 12 wedding dress, though the waist and bust was huuge on me (34d so not exactly small) I could have fitted in at least another pair of boobies hehe! I found the hips to be quite small but otherwise they are quite generous.

    Also depends on what dress you are getting structure-wise. Mine is boned at the front (open back) but I wouldnt say its hugely supportive
  • CeeCeeDorCeeCeeDor Posts: 234
    thanks vintage princess - i was worried that i had been a bit silly (especially as its a sample dress and so far i havent been able to fasten any that i have tried in the shop so goodness knows why i thought i might be able to with this one!!) Good luck for your wedding - 6 weeks?!?! eeek!!
  • Still seems like ages away lol! I hope you manage to find a dress ok
  • CeeCeeDorCeeCeeDor Posts: 234
    dont say that - it will sneak up on you!! am sure i will find 1 - i have guilt tripped myself into not spending a lot on one so need to find a pre-worn one on line really (went well over budget on wedding rings!) Fingers crossed i'll get this one and it will fit! am sure there will be others if not, have got plenty of time!

  • zena555zena555 Posts: 102
    Hi I have a pronovias dress which I'm wearing in 3 weeks!! I'm a size 12 and the pronovias 12 fit me perfectly except for around the bust where it was too big even though I'm not exactly flatchested either...34D!! Which pronovias do you like? They are the most gorgeous dresses on x
  • niclou79niclou79 Posts: 1,142
    I'm usually a 12 in a dress, only a 14 in shops where the sizes are small. My Pronovias dress is a 14, but skin tight at the moment! My chest is 34F, and there's a little room in there. The woman says she'd adgust it, even though it seemed fine to me.
  • CeeCeeDorCeeCeeDor Posts: 234
    Hi zena555, thank you for your reply. I'm feeling better now as you have both said that they are roomy in the bust area-just what I need! Unfortunately after trying on loads of dresses I have decided that I feel too guilty to spend so much on the 1 dress (largely because I left my head at home when I Went weddng ring shopping and spent so much I think I should claw some back) because of this I am limited to what's on preworn etc so at the mo I have my beady eye on respiro. It's from 2009 collection but looks lovely. I have tried a few on and loved them all so I'm not picky! Will just love to have 1 at a good price. Are they quite structured? The 1 I'm looking at is low backd so just concerned if it will b able to cope with my boobs. Hope that's bot too much info!!
  • MrsBiggs2bMrsBiggs2b Posts: 1,047
    Don't worry I'm a size 14-16 & my pronovias dress is a 16 & fits perfectly. I'm a 32G & my dress is fine on the bust,
  • CeeCeeDorCeeCeeDor Posts: 234
    thanks Niclou79, an nervous about buying a dress I haven't tried, according to the measurements it should be a few cms too big so hopefully will have it taken in by the time I get wed!! Am a bit concerned that yours is a size bigger than 'regular' clothes tho! I've yet to win the dress yet (am bidding 4 it) so this may be irrelevant!! Fingers crossed I'll be succesful! X
  • CeeCeeDorCeeCeeDor Posts: 234
    You are all giving me confidence!! Really want to win it now. I even phoned the shop & asked if they would just let me buy it rather than wait til bidding ends but they weren't having it!!! It's gonna be a long wait-bidding doesn't end til sat night!!
  • niclou79niclou79 Posts: 1,142
    If it helps, mine is a fixed zip-up back, so no room for movement on size. Maybe others are corsetted, so lace-up and may seem bigger? Mine has no support/boning/corsetry at all, so i'll have to wear a bra. But it depends on the style, like any designer.
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