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Peep toe shoes - can you wear stockings/hold ups??

I was always going to go for closed toe bridal shoes, but today went looking and my favourite pair are peep toe! I haven't bought them yet but it occured to me that I'd always planned on wearing hold ups on the day - but what do i do if i wear peep toes? Ordinarily I would just go bare legged, but I just don't know now! They are a true peep toe - ie you can only see my big toe and a bit of the toe next to it!!

Any advice or thoughts much appreciated!! x


  • Hi - I wore peep toes on my wedding day and didnt bother with hold ups or anything. I got married in May and was really warm (even though it was Scotland) - if I'd worn stockings I think my legs would have been far too hot.

    Obviously its totally up to you but the biggest thing to consider is whats most comfortable. Its such a long day so you really need to make sure whatever you wear doesnt irritate you (hold ups tend to annoy me after a while!) or make you uncomfy! Good luck image
  • pagegraciepagegracie Posts: 38
    I'd say don't wear anything if the whole big toe nail is showing you may have gotten away with a thin slither of hold-ups if the peep had been tiny but it might look odd close up especially if you have your toenails painted or with a beautiful french pedi!

    Obviously go with what's comfortable for you though, if wearing tights has always been in your head maybe you won't feel right without them. There is the heat factor though definitely. I've not got my dress yet but even just during try ons I was roasting (mind you I'm going for a big skirt) so just make sure you're comfortable!
  • susie123uksusie123uk Posts: 259
    Thanks ladies, I hadn't really got an idea in my head and to be honest will probably be more comfortable going bare legged, so I will do that. I'm really struggling with finding the shoes I really like and then I do and I get this dilema!

  • I reckon if you are more comfortable with hold ups on, wear them, but make sure they are ones you can't really see any lines on in the peep-toe. Otherwise, I think it is completely fine not to wear any. I'm wearing peep toe shoes with no hold ups or tights - my Mom thinks this is mad & not the done thing! - and think it will be more comfortable as your dress is likely to get really hot!
  • 2BWed20112BWed2011 Posts: 2,209
    They do have toe-less hold up stockings, if you are interested. That way you can wear the stockings you want without worrying about how your toes will look (this is what I will be doing).
  • SpecialSundaeSpecialSundae Posts: 3,029
    I personally like stockings with peep-toe shoes. It's authentically vintage and if you've got a decent pedicure then it won't look any the worse for it. I wouldn't wear open-toed shoes with stockings, but peep-toes are fine.
  • Hi!! I like wearing stockings and your own preference of shoes. On my wedding day, I wore stockings and a peep-toe and it looked amazing. I highly recommend this site: and they really assisted me well image Hope you had a memorable and sexy wedding day image

  • I wouldn't bother using holdups. I used this aristoc sensuous lace top stockings that I bought at once when I attended a wedding and they don't look awkward. So now I can opt to use this on my wedding too!

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