Best bridal shops in Merseyside/Cheshire

Hi girls

I'm about to start the all important dress hunt and wondered if anyone could recommend any good bridal shops in the Merseyside or Cheshire area. I have no idea where to start! Any recommendations would be great x.


  • Hi Sarah

    How exciting for you going out on your first day dress shopping, I'll sure you'll have a wonderful day image

    Now apologies for how long this is but a while ago I put together a very long list of shops that I either went to or heard about for a couple of friends that got married and kept it for this very reason, to pass on to lovely new brides to be! So here goes, have just copied and pasted my email, please note I haven't been to all of these so can't comment on those that I haven't visited, they are based either in Manchester or Cheshire way, hope it helps:


    Berketex (839 6781) in the Arndale (lovely lady called Lesley works in there, ask for her if you go).

    Pronuptia near Piccadilly - was ok but nothing amazing

    Bride be Lovely - Didn't try dresses on in there but had a bit of a look, think they only have one designer, Alice James.

    Shops are ok, but not a great -first wedding dress' trying on experience, much nicer to go to a boutique shop but still worth a visit if you're in town.


    The White Closet - Looks gorgeous, lovely little boutique shop but it opened after I bought my dress so haven't been in just had a nosey from the outside!! Someone I know went in though and said Nikki was wonderful and really attentive, gives you a muffin and tea in vintage teacup, the proper bridal experience. She sells Lynn Ashworth, Claire Pettibone, David Fielden & Charlotte Balbier, also has accessories by Flo & Percy which are amazing.


    Sense & Sensibility - The lady was really nice, and she really makes an effort to get you the dress that suits your shape. It's a really small shop on Buxton Road but has loads of dresses in it, she sells Maggie Sottero (this is quite a popular make and very reasonable too, one of my dresses that I nearly chose was only £600 and it looked way more expensive), Amanda Wyatt, Sincerity and Augusta Jones, plus probably another designer which I can't remember.

    Bridal Lounge

    They had a large selection but I thought the ladies were rather pushy, trying to put me in dresses that I hadn't asked for! But again might be worth tying that in with Sense & Sensibility. They have recently moved so can't comment on the new premises but apparently it's bigger than the last one which they definitely needed as I was changing in a broom cupboard! Sell Alan Hannah, Essense Couture, Nicola Anne, Benjamin Roberts (my fave as that's who I bought my dress from!) and few others.

    Cheadle Bride (again tie that in with Stockport)

    Really nice lady and two or three big changing rooms so you're separate from other brides which is nice. Sell Kate Sherford, Ellis Bridals, Augusta jones, White Rose, D'Zage. Also sell BM's dresses by Dessy.

    Wedding World

    Didn't go in this one but could be worth a look if there is a designer you're interested in and ties in with the other places.


    Fairytale Brides - They sell Justin Alexander (not sure of all the prices but one dress I tried on was around the £750 mark I think) and Ian Stuart (price range over £1.5k I think). They have a sister shop for bridesmaid dresses too just next door, you get a discount on your bridesmaid dresses if you buy your wedding dress from them too. They now also have a shop in Sale which has just opened and think they sell Ritva Westenius who is top end designer, her dresses look gorgeous.


    Maria Modes - Has a good stock of Maggie Sottero, Ian Stuart, Pronovias, Romantica and few others, they have a good selection of shoes, veils and tiaras too (I think you get 10% off their men's hire and bridesmaid dresses too if you buy your dress from them).

    Lucilles - I didn't go to this one but a friend bought her dress here and they are within walking distance of Maria Modes so could hit those in one go. They sell Amanda Wyatt , Justin Alexander, Mori Lee, Romantica & Pure Bridal


    Agape and Aphrodite, didn't try on here but would be worth hitting those in one go.

    (also sell bridesmaid dresses - did have a nosey in the shop though, looked really nice and they seemed fairly helpful)

    (sell Jenny Packham, Stewart Parvin, Rosa Clara and Pronovias)


    Cheshire Bridalwear - Really lovely lady called Julie, shop is nicely decorated and nice big selection of dresses too. They sell Benjamin Roberts (good quality dresses at a reasonable price), Nicola Anne, Romantica, Opulence, Chanticleer. Definitely worth a visit as the shop is lovely and so is Julie!! Two changing rooms and it's nice and big to move around in. Really nice bridal experience!! And also where I bought my dress!

    Pronuptia - Tried on a few dresses in here, it was ok but if you want the proper wedding dress experience, this certainly isn't it, the decor is lacking and there are about 5 changing cubicles with one mirror so you might be in a room with lots of other brides.

    Lace (Hale) - Very posh shop, had a lady called Katie who was very direct so as long as you don't mind that, she's def worth a visit as she will only put you in a dress that she thinks will suit and does consider your shape and size etc. They sell dresses by Alan Hannah, Charlotte Balbier and Sharon Bowen Couture.

    There are also two more bridal shops in Altrincham, all fairly close to one another and the ones above (apart from the one in Hale but only a 10 mins drive away), I had made appointments to visit them but then found my dress so I ended up cancelling my appointments but they seemed very nice on the phone:

    J'Adore Bridal - Sell Justin Alexander, Amanda Wyatt amongst others

    The Bridal Path - Sell Pronovias, Amanda Wyatt amongst others

    Definitely worth hitting all those shops in one day if you can arrange the appointments.


    The Wedding Shop

    Didn't try any dresses in this shop only a veil but they seemed to have a large collection of dresses. Sell Lusan Mandongus, Constantina, La Sposa, Blue By Enzonai, Amanda Wyatt, San Patrick and few others.


    Other areas that I know have shops but I haven't been so can't comment are:

    BOLTON - good reviews on You and Your Wedding website - Has had really bad reviews on Y&YW








    Happy shopping x
  • PS I also put together a recommendation list of suppliers in the Manchester / Cheshire area here too which might be of use too:


  • SarahMor84SarahMor84 Posts: 1,493
    I got my dress from Chester Bridal Gallery, they have shops in the brand all over cheshire inc Liverpool. The service so far has been impeccable and I am really please with them. The woman was really experienced, it took me trying on 3 dresses for her to get what suited my shape and and what I wanted then kept on bringing me beautiful dress after beautiful dress until I found my baby.

    I went to Maria Modes in Macclesfield and wasn't too impressed with the stock or service however since I went they have extended the shop. I think I must have caught them on a bad day (I had the owner) as I have heard other brides say they were good. For my experience we were left waiting for ages whilst they finished their conversation (we had an appointment and were on time), the owner kept going in and out or popping her head out of the curtain having conversations often leaving the curtain wide open and me and my undies on display. I had pre arranged to have a specific dress delivered to the shop but it was not there but to be fair they did bring it over for me but only after I couldn't find much else to try on.
  • ryn1980ryn1980 Posts: 22
    Hi Sarah

    I live in Manchester am from Liverpool and getting married on the Wirral (in 2 weeks!) so have probably looked in similar area too!! The list above is massively comprehensive but I thought I'd say I tried Liverpool Bridal Gallery in Woolton which has a huge selection and they are very friendly but the lady that worked with me wasn't massively experienced and said everything looked nice...I tried the Couture Room in West Derby which was awful, poor service and you had to pick the dress you wanted to try on from a brochure. Not good...have ideas above themselves!! I ended up getting my dress from Lace in Hale...they don't have enormous selection but they know what they are doing. It is true that they will advise what will suit you but I found that a good thing as they do so in a lovely way(I guess it depends on what you want)! Every time I have been for a try on/fitting the ladies (particularly Lesley)have been fantastic.

    Hope this helps!

  • sarahs1982sarahs1982 Posts: 441
    Ah girls thank you so much for that you have been so helpful. I appreciate that so much and will start making my way through the websites for the shops you've recommended! Thank you!!!!

    I've arranged appointments with The Bridal Gallery in Chester and also Aristocrats of Chester who stock lots of Maggie Sottero dresses which I love! I'm actually getting married over in Seville in September next year - so exicting! We go out there in a couple of weeks time to confirm our booking and I want to get a feel for the place then so I can decide what type of dress to go for.

    Thank you again girls you've been a great help x x x.
  • niclou79niclou79 Posts: 1,142
    Both myself and a friend had bad experiences at Aristocrats in Chester - they didn't hold back in telling my friend she was too fat for certain styles, and the owner actually said to me 'It takes a lot to get me excited after doing this for 25 years', not pleasant! She pretty much made out that I was too big for her dresses too (i'm a 12-14!) and was less than enthusiastic, as her comment showed.

    However, I can definitely recommend Boda Bridal in Chester, on Watergate Row. Lovely ladies in there, wanted to hear the proposal story, super-friendly, laid-back and non-pushy.
  • sarahs1982sarahs1982 Posts: 441
    Hi Nic

    God thats awful! I will bear that in mind thanks for that x.
  • i totally agree with prettykitty about couture rooms in west derby - i ended up walking out and never even tried on a dress. I ended up getting mine from Emmas in old swan - service has been brillant up to now x
  • I got my dress from Aristocrats of Chester and I thought they were really lovely image
  • I went to Aristocrats too and they were nice to me although it was incredibly busy and even though I had an appointment I had to wait as the changing room was full. Havin said that they didn't push me to leave when I ran over my appointment time and were happy for me to try on dresses twice.

    I also went to the Liverpool bridal gallery which was nice as well.

    I went to Bliss in Bolton which was just weird I felt, staff nice enough though but I found the shop a bit strange!

    As well as the above I went to confetti box in Eccles...they were really nice in there, is a famliy run business and the stock Maggie's as well if you like them. I had a voucher for there which I got from a wedding fayre think it was 10% off, Im sure you could pick one up if you visit any wedding fayres yourself. I also went to Opulence in west kirby on the wirral which I would highly recommend, June in there is so lovely and they really make you feel welcome and allow lots of time for browsing and trying on as much as you like. Finally (I think) I went to Cherish the Bride which is also in west Kirby on the same road as opulence. The lady who runs the shop is again lovely and they have a good selection of dresses. This is where I got mine in the end (alhough very very nearly got my dress in opulence).

    Good luck and enjoy the search for 'the one'! xxx
  • SDRD2012SDRD2012 Posts: 159
    I've just found this thread whilst searching for one I commented on a while back (can't find that one now). It's an odd question but when trying dresses on - specifically in the north west - have any of the shops allowed you to take photos?

    I've only been to a couple of shops so far but stuggling to remember what the dresses look like on!
  • pixiedonpixiedon Posts: 5
    I haven't tried any dresses on yet (post baby x 2 weight to get rid of!) but when my friend was looking for her wedding dress she went to Emma's in Old Swan and I took a pic so they're fine with it. I've only been to one shop so far and that was in Morecambe and I'm certain she would have let me take pics. I can't see why they wouldn't let you take pics - if it was to copy the dress you'd just get the photo online after all!
  • MrsBabbs2bMrsBabbs2b Posts: 42
    Hi Sarah

    I am in Liverpool. My first visit to a bridal shop was to the Bridal Gallery in Woolton. The ladies were very helpful but I felt they were a bit hard sell.

    I also tried Natalie Ann brides in Pilch Lane, Natalie is lovely and so are her dresses but the shop could do with a bit of a facelift. The changing room left something to be desired.

    The Bridal Path at Childwall was a lovely experience. The lady there would have let me try every dress in the shop I think if I'd wanted to.

    In the end I went to Ivy Brides of Hale and found my dress. Had a bit of a disaster with the first appointment as I turned up and the shop was closed but nobody had called me to say they had an emergency. But I went back and again, I could have tried on pretty much every dress the lady had. Her stock is mainly from France so a bit different to the popular Maggie Sottero etc.

    Happy shopping image
  • I REALLY recommend lulu belles in ormskirk. I went to all the chester shops and loads in liverpool and i found i kept seeing the same types of dresses- she has all different designers there its where i ordered mine from. She also closes the shop during your appointment. Good luck! x
  • Quoted:
    I've just found this thread whilst searching for one I commented on a while back (can't find that one now). It's an odd question but when trying dresses on - specifically in the north west - have any of the shops allowed you to take photos?

    I've only been to a couple of shops so far but stuggling to remember what the dresses look like on!

    Hi brummybride,

    We're opening our bridal shop a week today in Wrexham (near Chester) and we will be allowing photographs to be taken... plus we have tea, coffee, cakes and bubbly for all prebooked appointments image

    Some bridal shops can be a little funny over taking photos, but as long as the groom doesn't see you'll be fineimage

    Good luck!

  • MrsCloMrsClo Posts: 637
    brummybride I went to Stellas in Manchester and I can't recommend her enough. Other shops were funny about photos she wasn't, other shops refused to do me up and didn't have dresses in my size, she did, other shops wouldn't let me look round and choose the dresses I wanted to try on, she did, other shops were extortionate in price and she wasn't image and I ended up getting the first dress I tried on after much hunting...the heart wants what it wantsimage
  • singo44singo44 Posts: 3,420
    I visited shop after shop in merseyside/Cheshire/bolton/manchester/widenes and more!!! and found that practically most of them did not allow photos. However the best overall experiences for me were:

    Beryl cottons - Warrington (very helpful)

    Confetti box - Eccles (family run, lovely ladies!)

    Maria modes - macclesfield (got a sparkly drink on arrival and fabulous service!!)

    Aristocrats - Chester (very imformative, know the business well, nice girls)
  • cm_prcm_pr Posts: 339
    Bridesworld in Wallasey!!
  • SDRD2012SDRD2012 Posts: 159
    Fairytalebrides - what designers are you stocking in your store?

    I think so many people have mixed feedback on allowing photos in the shops, I understand copyright etc but it's so difficult to remember what the dress was like on you.

    I'm going to Southport in a couple of weeks and have Chester planned, I hadn't thought of Manchester or the Wirral but they're actually good ideas now I have some shops recommended!

    I think I was mid-conversation about Aristocrats of Chester a while back but as there's so many positive reviews on here about them what day of the week did people go? I'm just wondering whether the negative reviews were because it was a Saturday. Is it both Maggie Sottero and Sottero & Midgley they stock?

    ALSO, as the thread was started about Best Bridal Shops in North West... I can recommend Brides Room of Birkdale highly. I didn't ask about photos there at the time because I was in a bit of a one of the first dress shopping trip dazes BUT the woman who runs it is the most loveliest person ever and has so many suggestions on how to alter dresses, personalize the style and alteration costs are really good!

    The only reason I'm not going back at the moment as I really want to try some Maggie Sottero dresses on after seeing some lovely lace ones!- they don't stock those there.
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