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Wedding Dress Storage - Please Help!

Hi everyone

I bought my dress recently from a shop that's closing down and now have to take it home. My parents' are happy to store it for me but I was wondering how they can best protect it. It is currently in a pretty flimsly plastic cover on a hanger.

Any advice would be massively appreciated as I am so in love with this dress and don't want it to get damaged, faded etc.

I'm getting married in April so it's only for about 5 months.

Please help xx


  • BrideyBooBrideyBoo Posts: 524

    I'm getting married in Sept and bought my dress on ebay so I'm having to store it.

    I was told on here not to store it in the dress bag but to get a box and some acid free tissue paper to wrap it in. I got these from Ebay:

    Hope that works. If not they have a shop on there thefavourstore.

    My dress is big and poufy so I went for this one as they say its the biggest box on the market. It's now on top of the wardrobe image
  • Hi,

    I have my wedding dress too and it came in the emptybox can find them online.

    They come with acid free tissue paper but the box I have was £68..the seller gave me that though BUT I think I would buy it if she didn't. It is flood proof and will stop anything happening to it. And the ivory one is gorge image

  • EllieKate83EllieKate83 Posts: 1,431
    Thanks for that girls. I will look into it asap...
  • MangoToesMangoToes Posts: 477
    I've been told by my dress shop that a plain white cotton duvet cover should do the trick, as long as the dress is kept out of direct sun, heat, damp etc. it should be fine.
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