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OMG Maggie Sottero 2011 collection is amazing!!!!

Hi girls

Just noticed that the Maggie Sottero 2011 collection is now on their website and the dresses are absolutely amazing! If anyone lives in the North West, Aristocrats of Chester are having a 2011 preview event this weekend and I think are offering £100 free accessories if you buy your dress from them - booked myself an appointment - can't wait! x x x.


  • How do you know if the dresses are from 2011, I have looked and cant see anything.... do you have a link you could please share? image
  • MoodleDGMoodleDG Posts: 584
    love the Giselle and the Nova!
  • I love Asha ... and Natasha ... and Noelle for that matter! ha ha x.
  • Am loving Asha too. image
  • I tried Asha on Saturday and it is sooooo beautiful. I ended up going for Ireland from one of Maggie's earlier collections but it was a hard choice between the two! x.
  • I am having Emily it is the most beautiful dress I tried and it looks so glamourous you have got to love the maggie dresses.

  • HappyHippy85HappyHippy85 Posts: 184
    In love with Cameron so far, wouldn't suit a shortie like me tho image
  • HappyHippy85HappyHippy85 Posts: 184
    Don't 100% know if I was looking at the right page as there is a dress called Hunter on there (which I adore) which was around at the end of 2009/early 2010 as my friend tried it as one of her choices. Still all gorgeous tho.
  • i cant look itll make me have dress envy!! ive already ordered my maggie but when i look at her others it makes me wobble!there's two from the new collection i love but am thinking they would be really expensive anyway-well im hoping they would be as thats how im making myself forget them haha.x
  • Hi,

    Yes,you are right,if the budget allows,it is better to buy the original from the shops,i'm talking about brides who want to save money for something else,like honeymoon.
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