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To Bra or not to bra....

Hi Ladies

Advice needed!

Whenever I have been to try my wedding dress on they have always told me to take my bra off-which I have done!

The top of my dress is a corsett top so i do feel supported but is it wrong not to wear a bra??? (Im a size dd)




  • I think it will be fine not to wear a bra, Im a G cup and whenever I tried corseted dresses on I didnt need one. Having said that although I dont need one with my dress it isnt corsetted so think i will feel safer wearing one! If your comfortable with the idea of not weariung one dont - your dress should do all the work of a bra x
  • I never considered not wearing a bra but when I went for my first fitting it was obvious that I needed to go braless as the bra was working against the dress! I wasn't very comfortable with the thought of it but the dress works a lot better without a bra (I'm a d cup)
  • NowMrsMackNowMrsMack Posts: 2,535
    I personally wouldnt wear my dress without a bra! Unless it went against the structure of the dress and then I'd have a bra built into it! Though I probably wear a bra for about 23hrs 45mins each and every day so it'd be totally alien to me!!! image Perhaps get yourself a non padded wired bra to wear underneath so there is support but not so it makes wearing the dress uncomfortable. Brastop is quite good value for bras like that! And then can double for wedding night undies too!! image xx
  • I'm not wearing a bra. I'm a G cup too. image
  • Im an e cup and not wearing a bra. My dress is pretty boned and they will sew in kind of cup things so give a little bit of extra support.
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    The advice given is that if you have more than a B cup, you need a bra. I know that wedding gowns offer support, but that support is really supposed to help the bra (not do the work entirely on it's own).

    Try the strapless wonderbra (they are on sale at debenhams) and go down a cup size or two. I have an E cup and tried one on... I jumped up and down for about thirty seconds and then stood up- didn't need to adjust the bra at all. And, best of all, it actually provides cleavage.
  • Whether you need a bra or not completely depends on the dress.

    I am 34e and am not wearing a bra because I tried on about five different bras underneath my dress but as im sure most wedding dresses are the dress is made to measure so if it is corseted then you shouldnt need a bra. But it is completely up to you how you feel comfortable. xx
  • I am an E and the top of my dress is a steel boned corset so if its well made you dont need a bra x
  • Mine is corseted, but still wearing a bra (E cup).
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    There is a huge difference between steal boned corsetry, and the kind of boning you get in normal wedding gowns (usually plastic). If you can bend at the waist, your comfort and appearance will be significantly improved if you wear a bra.
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