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Which tiara...??

Help me please.... I'm trying to decide which tiara/headband to go for but am totally stuck! I'm planning on having quite a simple updo, I've managed to narrow my choice of tiaras down to three but now really can't decide! As my dress is quite simple, I don't want a tiara that's too plain, however don't want something that looks too much either!! Here's a pic of my dress (it still needs altering to fit) & pics of the tiaras I like so far... please tell me which you think would go best... Thanks! image

*edited to remove wedding dress pic, just in case someone sees it who shouldn't!*


  • Lovely dress.

    Have you tried all of these tiaras on yet?

    I fell for the top one, until I tried my one on, and then I knew it was perfect, I had the same thoughts as you, wanting enough so dress didn't look so plain but not too much.

    I would personally go for the first one, but if you are still looking, maybe look at Liza designs.

    this is mine

    Another one of hers that I love, but mine goes better with my dress.

    Good luck, hope that's helped, not made it harder
  • MossumMossum Posts: 650
    Wow number three is stunning. Whose it by? Also love your dress. They'll all look nice, but I'd plump for that personally!
  • I agree number 3 is lovely. I like the first one Glitzy secrets but lots of ppl are having it. I don't really like the second one....just being honest hun. I think number 3 is so unusal and will look gorg with the dress x
  • Hey, thanks for your replies. I haven't tried any of them on yet, just browsing the internet for now!

    Mossum & poshpolly - the 3rd one is by Amanda Wyatt. I think I'm leaning more towards that one at the moment too! I do really like the glitzy secrets one too, although I know what you mean that a lot of people seem to have it & no3 is maybe a bit different! I think I've actually gone off the second one now anyway, a bit too plain I think! image
  • MrsKnoxMrsKnox Posts: 326
    I'm going to say 3 as i'm wearing it too image there should be a picture in my planning pics of me messing about with my hair (not the way i want for wedding) but it still looks really nice! xx
  • MrsKnoxMrsKnox Posts: 326
    here you go

  • Ooh MissC2011 that looks lovely! I think you've made my mind up for me there! image
  • helenlouhelenlou Posts: 318
    love love love no 3.
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