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Wedding dress alterations in Manchester! Suggestions please!!


I was wondering if anyone could reccommend somewhere in manchester to get my wedding dress altered?

Also, is it possible to get it taken in 3 dress sizes? It doesn't have any beading or lace (which i heard is usually a problem for taking it in too much), but it is corseted.

This is the dress

Any help would be great



  • Anyone? Even if you don't know of somewhere in Manchester....just some advice on if it can be resized?
  • RRrr2011RRrr2011 Posts: 1,262
    Depends where in Manchester you are - I am in Bolton and there are a few Bridal shops that do dress alterations even if you don't buy from them

    You might struggle with having it taken in 3 dress sizes though. When I was bridesmaid for my sister i went from a size 16 to a size before her wedding and they had to buy a new Bridesmaid dress and then sell my original one.

    This time i ordered my dress a size smaller!

    Gorgeous dress though - hope you get it sorted xx
  • Thanks for your reply. I am in the centre of Manchester, but I would travel if the place is really good.

    Yeah, I ordered mine 2 sizes smaller than I was when I tried it on. I was an 18 and ordered a size 14. But, now I am an 8-10 and worried it wont be re-sized. When I knew I would be less that a size 14, I went to the dress shop and asked for a smaller size, as I knew it had not been made yet, but they said no, I had ordered it in a 14 and it had to be a 14. image

    Thanks for your help though. I will take the dress in and see what they say!
  • shadyshooshadyshoo Posts: 117
    Seam sew essential in Walkden is good, they did my bridesmaids dress a couple of years ago. Her numbers 01617994161 x
  • Seams Sew Essential in Walkden also altered my Wedding Dress and Bridesmaids dresses last year. My Wedding dress had 6" taken out ( which is 3 sizes) and the job done was spot on, nobody could tell it had been altered, it was perfect. One of bridesmaids dress was 2 sizes too small due to pregnancy, the seamstress there took out the zip and made it into a lace-up corset back to add the extra width needed, it was fabulous.

    I can highly recommend.

    The number is 0161 799-4161
  • Taking in a gown more than 3 dress sizes will depend on whether the seamstress will undertake the job.

    I'm doing an Alfred Angelo with embroidery on the bodice for a client who LOVES her gown but was distraught after loosing a HUGE amount of weight to be told no one would do it. Admitedly, the dress will need to be taken apart at each seam and then re styled to suit her new lovely shape. She will however look a lot of the embroidery but this is a sacrifice she is willing to do. xx
  • Hiya I know this is an older thread but people are still looking for this information. Bride Sew Beautiful is a professional alteration and dressmaking service and does really beautiful work at really reasonable prices. I found Maxine so helpful and nothing was too much trouble, she will come to fit your dress in your own 0161 795 1493
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    I know this is an old thread but thought you would like to know about this place.

    I purchased my wedding dress from the states. The price of the dress was very reasonable however the dress did not fit me the way I would have liked it to. I contacted Alterations Boutique Manchester and asked for their help. They invited me in for a fitting and I was seen by a lovely lady who knew exactly what to do. She was very professional yet friendly but very confident. I only needed to come back for one more fitting before my Wedding Dress was ready to collect. As soon as I tried the dress on I was very happy with the way it fit me and I could tell it was altered very skilfully because it looked absolutely perfect. The price I was charged for the alterations was less than I expected for the service I received. Also I would like to mention that the boutique itself is absolutely beautiful so I would definitely recommend them. The boutique is based in the city centre so was very easy to commute to and I got handy texts and updates about my order. Their website is and their telephone number is 0161 832 6420.

    They can be found at 14, The Royal Exchange Arcade, Manchester M2 7EA.

    Hope this helps.



  • Sarah1138Sarah1138 Posts: 1

    Magic Stitches are pretty known to be the best now for wedding dress alterations in manchester, they also have the most and best reviews on google. 


    I recommend them, everyone i know got their wedding dress or bridesmaid dress done there.

    The main guy is called Adam, He's very nice and charming :)

    Hope this helps

  • Hi everyone, has anyone had their wedding dress altered in Manchester recently? My dress is very complicated (beads, layers, corset etc). I am looking for an experienced seamstress in other words :). Any recommendations would be much appreciated! 

    Lucy x
  • Hi Lucy,
    Have you tried Alterations Boutique Manchester? I cannot recommend them enough - they literally transformed my wedding dress. I purchased mine from Wed2B but the fit wasn’t right. Wed2B recommended Alterations Boutique Manchester for alterations and that’s how I found out about them. Here is the link to their website and congratulations!

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