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Bridal alterations- battersea? Or other recommended person for alterations?

Hi everyone,

I need to make a very slight change to my wedding dress and would like to know if anyone has used Bridal Alterations on Queenstown Road Battersea and what they were like? Or if someone could recommend another person in south west london area.

Thanks very much!


  • I am using this lady;

    She is in Hammersmith.

    I have seen some bad reviews about the Battersea place so have steered clear myself.
  • SondaSonda Posts: 1

    Hello, I am freelance seamstress/ designer, based in Vauxhall. I have been doing alterations for a high end boutique on King's Road. Along with my own line of gowns, and wrap dresses, under the Kabuki label. I have my own specialist machines here in my house. My specialist skills are chiffon hems, wire hems, corset resizing, bead/sequin work and tailoring. I have been in the business for 20 plus years and very accomplished at these things. My prices are extremely reasonable, and the work is high quality. Give me a call or email and explain what needs to be done.                                                      Kind regards Sonda Weber 0207 9781969

                                                                      email [email protected]

  • Jane60Jane60 Posts: 2

    I used Alterations Boutique to alter my wedding dress. They are based in West London. They did the work to a very high standard and for a reasonable price. Unlike some of the other businesses I enquired with they have a shop front and are a proper alterations business. Beware of people who work from home or just have websites but are not an official company. Some I spoke to said they would only accept cash or a cheque. The addresses they had were just a home address and some were only mobile. Check if they are a limited company and if they have the correct insurance in place to protect your dress in case something goes wrong. Nothing went wrong for me but you never know. I was really anxious when I visited AB as my dress cost a small fortune but they made every attempt to make me relax. They even showed me their insurance certificate and their workshop without me asking. While I was there they were cleaning the floor - apparently they do it two or three times a day to ensure no marks can get on dresses. I thought I was ocd image.

    Hope this all helps!


  • Anna77Anna77 Posts: 7

    Hi there.Mine was altered by Luda, from bridal dress alterations,  she is in Stratford and run her business from home. After checking other shops (AB) one of them, and comparing her service and prices to theirs Iwas very confident to go to her studio. And even if it is based in her house, stilk it looks very  professional and cosy at the same time. Very tidy and friendly. First of all reviews from her brides are fab, you can see lots of testimonials and pictures on her website . And also her great experience.And on top of it her personality and she is real professional in what she does.You can rely on her honest opinion and she is extremelly helpfull.I couldn't be happier and so glad that I choose exactly her to make my dress glove fit.Also she makes to measure lots of accessories any style or size.Great service. Hope this post will be helpfull for you girls!xx

  • Juliet7Juliet7 Posts: 1

    So happy I chose Alterations Boutique to alter my Wedding Dress. They are based in the West End and their website is They have a proper shop and accept cards instead of cash unlike some of the other people that quoted me. Their prices were very reasonable and much cheaper than some of the other companies and even private businesses operating from home too. Their service was perfect throughout and the work absolute perfection. They are so helpful and accommodating and all the time I had peace of mind. I would recommend to any fellow brides.


  • Having trawled through these posts looking for someone to alter my wedding dress, it’s looking remarkably like those that are posting these reviews are the companies themselves! 
    On most of the review pages, everytime Luda has an in-depth ‘review’, Alterations Boutique also has one straight after! Most of these reviews talk about having a shop front and then then in defence, the other one mentions something about working from home so it doesn’t take a genius to work out that these reviews are fake. It doesn’t fool me (and others it seems), and really shows desperation to have to go through these lengths. 

    Companies are not even supposed to post on this site, so it shows a lack of regard to the rules of this sites usage.


    The best way to tell if a company is worth their weight in gold is to email them with your requests to see if they have enough time and make the effort to respond back via email and to then call them to see if they even pick up the phone (and or return the call). Do your research and just type in 'wedding dress alterations’ into search engines and see what comes up. Above all, use your instinct. 


    PS. It’s going to be very interesting to see which one of those two will jump to their defence first with yet another gleaming review droning on about how great they are! Yawn 


  • That's great advice. I just checked online and saw a few companies when I did the search. Did my research too and I am going to go with Alterations Boutique in London. I called them and they were great on the phone. Got an appointment with them in Jan. Thanks Georgina!

  • You’re welcome Janetta. I wondered which company name would come up straight after my post. Thank you also for taking the time and the trouble to search exactly where i put these posts up warning of dodgy reviews and responding to each of them on these links also:


    I also found someone to alter my dress, but the company you mentioned was the last on my list, furthermore, i don’t feel the need to advertise whom i chose, as i was able to use my own judgment rather than what’s posted in fake reviews and i hope other brides do the same.
  • Drew3Drew3 Posts: 13

    Hi Georgina,

    Thank you for all your assistance. I found Alterations Boutique as you suggested by doing a search online and I am very pleased. The great thing to is they are near Oxford Street so easy to commute to from work. There were some other places I saw but they were to far away to get to and did inspire my confidence in the same way.

    Thanks for your great advice by the way. I Went to my first appointment yesterday and they were great. 

    I could not recommend them enough to all my fellow brides. Will post some pics for everyone to see.

    Thanks xx




  • Wow “Drew", as well as "Janetta" you’ve also taken the time and trouble to post on every page that i posted on and you’ve also given a glowing review for that same company. How very predictable! 


  • Drew3Drew3 Posts: 13

    Hi Georgina,

    I have found your posts to be very rude but I have ignored your strange behaviour as I am sure everyone else has on here. 

    Now let me educate you on Free Speech. It means I have the right to say what I feel when I feel.

    If I want to post a comment I have the right to do so. I don't think you are a bride at all but probably a competitor yourself trying to get the better of another business. Quite Sad really.

    I have described my experience at Alterations Boutique which has been fantastic. I would recommend all brides go here if they need alterations. That's my opinion and I am sharing it. 

    Now please enjoy your weekend Georgina. I will with my wonderful man!


  • Hi Drew,

    You're sounding quite aggressive and for someone that advocates free speech, you certainly seem to have a problem with mine. You’re also sounding extremely defensive and i actually question whether you’re a real bride especially since you’ve gone out of your way to follow all my posts on other pages and respond to them. 


    In reference to your comment about being a competitor, if that was the case, i think i’d probably have alot more to say on here …. I’d also spend my precious time talking about how great my business is if i had one!


    So, going back to my original post, i think there are alot of fake reviewers on here that go over and above what real customers would say. When i did my research, alot of what’s being said on the phone was not what was being said when i took my dress to them, hence i didn’t want to leave my dress with them.


    My advice to all brides-to-be: Before proceeding with your alterations is to get everything in writing before you visit them, that way they can’t back out of what they’ve said on the phone or on their website.


    This message doesn’t require a response and isn’t a post for opportunists to promote any alteration business!
  • Grace34Grace34 Posts: 12

    Hi Drew,


    I took you up on your advice and am using Alterations Boutique. They have been great so far. They quoted a lot less than some of the other places I called. Who is Altering your dress there?





  • Drew3Drew3 Posts: 13

    Morning Grace,

    On the way to work so it was nice to see your post 

    They have a few bridal seamstresses at Alterations Boutique but the lady I am using there is called Ingrida.

    She is brilliant. She is completely restyling my dress for me - what they doing to yours?

    Drew x


  • Grace34Grace34 Posts: 12

    I am using her too. She is wonderful.

    My dress was too small when it arrived so they are making me a new corset. She showed me the work she has done before and she is really good.

    I am going to be getting my bridesmaids outfits altered by Alterations Boutique too.

    The girls are coming with me to my first fitting next week to get measured.

    Well said by the way about 'free speech' . If it weren't for your recommendation I might not have found Alterations Boutique. 


  • Hahahahahah this is absolutely hysterical. It almost makes me want to visit Alterations Boutique to meet the staff responsible for the above. I mean, you can't deny the amount of effort they have put in.



  • Glad i'm not the only one that thinks so Victoria....Hilarious that they think brides are falling for it. 


  • Oh dear! 

    It seems we can't have an opinion on a forum or share it. Just because I chose to use Alterations Boutique to alter my wedding dress it seems others have a problem. Strange since the name of the thread is recommended Bridal Alterations businesses and I posted my opinion on how happy I was with their service. Ironic since I found them due to this forum. For all those reading Georgina is Victoria and Victoria is Samantha. Madness. I have a sneaky suspicion that they are a competitor of Alterations Boutique. Sorry If I gave the game away. 



  • Drew3Drew3 Posts: 13

    Hi Grace,

    I saw your posts so thought I would say Hi! So how are the Alterations going at Alterations Boutique?

    Have they made you a new corset?

    Drew x

  • Hi Drew,

    I went to Alterations Boutique for a fitting last week and the corset looks magnificent. So glad they saved my dress. I am getting them to make me a bolero now too to match.

    I had a budget in mind for the corset but they quoted less than I expected so I was abel to get the bolero.

    I have been so pleased with them. 

    All the bridesmaid dresses have been altered by them and they fit perfectly too. 

    Grace x


  • Drew3Drew3 Posts: 13

    That's great news Grace.

    Please send some pics when you can. Be great to see the corset.

    Alterations Boutique have done a great job with me. I am fussy but they have been really patient with me and got everything completely right.

    That's why I have been recommending them. I gave their website address and their number 020 724 4147 to a few fiends already who are also getting married and they are going to pop in to see them too.

    What you going to do with your wedding dress after you get married?

    Drew x


  • Well Alterations Boutique have offered to transform my wedding dress into a cocktail dress for me.

    I will wait though until after the wedding and see how I feel. 

    Grace x

  • MortMort Posts: 1

    I emailed the designer Jenny Packham to check the Alterations Boutique claim on their website which states:
    "Just one of the many high profile clients we have (see below) includes leading British designer Jenny Packham who entrusts us only with their detailed wedding dresses and evening wear alterations."

    Jenny Packham replied:
    "The statement on their website is false, we do not entrust them with our dresses. The seamstresses we send our clients to are the Beautiful Tailor Studio".

    Make of that what you will, but it made my mind up to go elsewhere. If you're good, your reputation should speak for itself without having to fabricate it.

  • Grace34 said:

    Well Alterations Boutique have offered to transform my wedding dress into a cocktail dress for me.

    I will wait though until after the wedding and see how I feel. 

    Grace x

    Hi Grace,

    This is an old post so I am wondering if you ended up having your wedding dress transformed into a cocktail dress?  

    I am actually looking to have the same done to my wedding dress! I wasn't even sure at first if that would be possible to do! 

    I purchased my dress in France and had it altered there as well. I'm glad to hear such transformations are possible :).

    Please can you DM me some pics of the dress if you have any?

    Did your dress have many layers? 


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