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Are these too unusual for wedding shoes?

I wanted to have my something blue as my shoes. My mum hates these but my fiancee thinks they are ace! I think it could be fun but what do you think? are they suitable for a wedding?


  • Not at all! I bought these babies

    but they were far too high for me image SO i got these beauties instead and I LOVE them!
  • Proper ruby slippers! Those are fab!

    I just realised that I shouldn't have shown fiancee shoes that I am considering - oh well! Its only the dress that he shouldn;t see really!

    I just don't think i will convince mum! I love irregular choice though. They are fab - and I will certainly get use out of these again!
  • Is there a reaason I can't seem to click on the links? xx
  • I have to cut and paste them into my browser bar normally.
  • I know its nice to receive approval from mums/fianc????es but you will be wearing them and if you love them that's all that matters! Buy them!
  • My Mum is pretty laid back but when I told her about my shoes she wanted to know what else I was going to have that was red - eg flowers etc. I told her I wasn't sure, but when I got off the phone it did occur to me that my hair is bright red!!!
  • No, they are fab, I love them. You'll have great wedding photos!
  • I wish my mum was laid back!

    I think i will buy them. I like them as I like the idea of looking traditional at first but then showing off my shoes later.

    pieeateruk I hadn't thought about photos but that is a very good point! image

    Thanks for your help ladies.
  • I think unless you have a short dress your shoes are really more for you than as something to contribute to the overall look. I absolutely fell in love with the idea of ruby slippers - I have no idea why! But I absolutely adore my beautiful shoes (after reading this thread I got them out of the box and I'm now wearing them!) They make me smile everytime I look at them image
  • elw378elw378 Posts: 52
    I love them! I'm having Vivienne Westwood Blue Lady Dragon Heart shoes. They will look so good in photos and so different to the usual shoes, go for it! x
  • Love those IC shoes!!

    Also image Sorry have to say this... Theres no place like home! (clicks heels) image
  • Oooooooooooooooooh I lost my heart to those Vivienne Westwood shoes! They are so beautiful! But they'd definately be too high for me and I'd tower over my other half!

    And Mojo - there is indeed no place like home! Just need a Toto now and I'll be fine image
  • MrsR4evaMrsR4eva Posts: 1,246
    friday bride .. i love your shoes .. go for it .. the ones i choose were by irregular choice too they were red with hearts on they have discontinued them now but when i went to try them on they were way tooo high and i know i would never have been able to stand in them all day , hence im still looking .. i love the shoes from schuh they are so different from your normal bride shoes .. and why not .. its got to be a good feeling knowing you have something defferant , ive seen my h2b shoes .. he is wearing red shoes !!! we searched the internet for them and could not find any but then by accident we went into a local shoe shop that has one offs and there were his red shoes and his size !! he is wearing white suit and red tie ..
  • why not?! are you wearing a long dress? if so, no one except you will know what shoes you have on!

    I think there is a definite trend now for non-'bridal' shoes. My SIL had blue shoes (blue was her theme and it was her something blue) and I am having purple shoes!!
  • tigernoodles can we see your purple shoes please? image
  • I have bought irregular choice for my day now, can't show you them though as there are no links due to them being discontinued. Deffo go for it.... its good to show your personality! x
  • okey then its no problem if you have red color hair then its easy to choose any color shoes for you.....
  • singo44singo44 Posts: 3,420
    Brilliant shoes!!!

    I'm looking for some dark blue ones too

    Go for it! X
  • Ooh yes definitely do it. I bought my Irregular Choice ones last week and got some huffs and puffs from my mum - when I put them on with the dress though she really loved them. These are mine
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