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Hi everyone. I had my first fitting on Friday and was really relieved I still liked my dress! BUT, the skirt is a lovely slipper silk (which I'm told is actually satin?) and it's quite unforgiving. The fitter told me I need nude coloured pants with no detailing but having had a look at the rear view I'm wondering whether she actually meant I need spanx and was too polite to say! Can anyone advise what I should look for - I don't want to get it wrong and either look lumpy on my wedding day or alternatively, cause my husband to run shrieking from the honeymoon suite at the sight of my Bridget Jones pants.

Thank you


  • Hi!

    I'm sure she wasn't suggesting Spanxs!!! I had the same issue with my dress and received the same advice (I'm size 6 and was uber-tiny for my wedding day lol!)

    I wore flesh coloured knickers with absolutely no detailing at all on them. M&S does a 'no VPL' range if you want to get an idea. I know they aren't the beautiful underwear you dream of on your wedding day but they ensured absolutely no knicker line all on the day and I was completely comfortable.

    In order that my new hubbie wasn't horrified later on (ahem..!) I made sure I had an absolutely beautiful pair of knickers in my bag (matching the bra of course) and I made a quick change at the end of the reception.

    Hope this helps!!
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