Pronovias dresses - apporx cost?

I've fallen in love with about 6 dresses on the Pronovias website, I'm scared to even think about the prices, does anyone have a ball park idea of how much they tend to be?

As in, are we talking hundreds, or a couple of grand?

Cos if it's the latter I won't bother making an appointment at the shop near me who stock them image


  • SHenry29SHenry29 Posts: 210
    Hi Sarsaparilla

    prices of Pronovias dresses really vary, I'm not sure what they start at but they have quite a few around £1200-1500 if thats in budget. Steer clear of the Ellie Saab collection though as they start about £4k I think!
  • singo44singo44 Posts: 3,420
    approx from £1000 upwards

    try some one -if its out of your price range you could always drop on a brand new bargain on preloved x
  • Hi!

    I love Pronovias too but they were out of my price range. image I phoned their shop on Bond Street (London) and they said they start from £1,300 onwards. When I told them my budget was £1,000 they told me there was no point going to see them! A shame but at least they were honest! Good luck, I hope you get one.
  • mrszlkmrszlk Posts: 5

    I have ordered a Pronovias dress from their Harrods store. It came to £1700 plus alterations. Never thought I would spend that much on my dress but so worth it, including the whole experience you get when trying them on.

    Good luck x
  • MoodleDGMoodleDG Posts: 584
    which dresses were you looking at?

    Mine was £3.4k but i tried some that were £1500 and one that was £8k so they vary!

    isnt la sposa and st patrck cheaper options by the same designer?
  • My pronovias was £820, they start at £800 and go up to about 8k.

    Mine is a previous season though, and I found all the dresses in the shop I bought it from cheaper than other shops. One Ellis dress was £175 cheaper than when i'd tried it on elsewhere.

    Worth ringing around.
  • MoodleDGMoodleDG Posts: 584
    The Albefura dress is £ they really do vary!
  • ls2blbls2blb Posts: 1,280
    Mine was £1100 x
  • My dress is from the current white one collection and cost £697.50!!! I did a bit of haggling though. It's 411 and doesn't have any embellishment on it but has the most amazing structure and detail on it!! I would have happily paid twice the price for it!
  • Which ones are you looking at? and where are you based?

    My Pronovias dress is from the 2011 collection and cost £1200 including the hoop for it (not had any alterations yet). I think also it helps to shop around as the Bond Street store probably has hire prices than others, although they will all be similarish.
  • rebewuerebewue Posts: 1
    Hi I’m looking for a Pronovius Onia size 8-10 if anyone has one at a reasonable price
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