Argh! Dress wobble!

Hi ladies,

I am having a major dress wobble at the moment, courtesy of h2b! My dress is a champagne D'zage 2 piece, with pearls on the bodice and a long train, but quite smooth and slick. I like it a lot as I find it is a classic look, which suits the overall theme of the wedding. Its very classic, the opposite of the whole birdcage, feathers and fairylights thing.

Now I showed h2b some dresses similiar to mine and he doesnt like them! He likes the whole fluffy duffy fairytale ones! I hate them, I look shite in them and they just dont suit me one bit!

Plus he absolutely loves my ideas for centrepieces and other designs for the wedding and I think it wouldnt go with a massive ballgown dress.

What do I do??? Stick to my dress? I have a cathedral length veil and want to get some dramatic jewellery to go with it all. I could get some brooches to put on the dress but I dont really like that either.

You can imagine the difficulty finding wedding rings image


  • Oh No! Just remember that if you wear a big dress and feel uncomfortable he will see the unhappiness in ur eyes! I am sure you could turn up in a bin bag and wen he see's you he will be blown away!

    If you have your dress and it's the one for you don't let the doubts creep in! Men don't understand that everything in the wedding has to stick to one theme for the whole day to be beautiful

    Good Luck x
  • This happened to me! before I went to look at dresses I showed H2b some wedding magazines and he loved the full princess types, and said he didn't like the fitted ones. Although he had expressed a liking of the princess dresses I went with an open mind, and to my surprise I fell in love with a beautiful ivory princess dress with full tulle skirt. Paid deposit, then full balance. Dress came in, tried it on, I was a bit unsure.

    Went for suit fittings, where i held a dress up next to me similar to the one I had bought for H2b to turn around and say he doesn't like the big full ones, and much prefers the fitted ones


    Went home, cried, spent all day googling dresses, then went out the next day and bought a Maggie Sottero dress that I fell in love with. I had some doubts before H2b said what he did, and I suppose it just compounded the doubts I already had!
  • If you do not have doubts about your dress then I do not think you should change it.

    In the run up to my wedding in 2009, my husband saw a picture in a magazine of a dress very similar to mine and said it was very unflattering on the model. But I loved my dress and stuck with it and he was blown away when I walked down the aisle. I saved the picture to show him after we got married and he agreed that it was similar and stuck to his original thoughts that it was unflattering in the picture.

    When your h2b sees you walk down the aisle in YOUR dress with all of the accessories, he will love it and will not be thinking of huge princess dresses and why you didn't choose it. Once everything is ready, your confidence in your outfit will add extra wow factor.
  • scrummie2bscrummie2b Posts: 266
    If you love your dress then don't change it!

    When you walk up the aisle your h2b will be blown away by how gorgeous you look and won't remember that he said he didn't like dresses that were similar.To many men, a dress is a dress!

    A dress hanging on a hanger or on a model, who often doen't make the dresses look good because of the faking posing and not real size models, don't do dresses justice.

    I wouldn't worry. If you like it stick to it and remember you'll also have all your accessorises as well.

  • Poor you now you are in a situation..... I say go with your idea no matter what i am sure your h2b will be very happy with the way you will look when he sees you walking down that isle. Maybe slot some ideas about accessories to him he may want abit of involvement with that instead. But a gowns choice always has to be your choice. No questions! image
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    What do you mean get h2b involved image

    I know that the dress is the right one for me - I had a look I wanted ever since my first wedding, when I did look nothing like I wanted to and it didnt feel right at all, probalby the reason why it all went wrong imageimage

    I have showed him the veil and the sort of tiara and jewellery I am after and he likes that so in the worst case I just take the dress off and wear the rest imageimageimage
  • I wouldnt worry about h2b thoughts! I am always trying to get hints from mine as to what sorts of dresses he likes and he won't give it away as I think he doesn;t want to sway my choices in anyway bless him!

    as it has it I'm extremely fussy and think only I could find my dress and be happy with it, which is why I've only taken my ma dress shopping.

    I have shown my bridesmaids numerous pictures of me in dresses and I think some of them prefer other gowns I've tried on but hey ho! It's what you want and feel comfortable in image

    I think you have no need to worry image you obviously love the dress you've choosen! just wear it with confidence and a smile and your h2b will love it I'm sure image x
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    I don't care what my h2b thinks of my dress - in fact I know he would prefer me in a sensible, elegant style, But it's my day, my one chance to wear a fabulous princess style dress and I'm gonna do it, look fantastic, blow him away with my confidence cos I love how I look and feel in this dress and have the best day - rather than wear something I know he would prefer and spend eternity wishing I'd worn what I have always dreamed of image
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