Hi, my sister has a monsoon "raine" dress, it is silk with a organza skirt and is dry clean only. the label states beads are hand sewn on and not to me ironed or steamed as they may melt. they problem is we need to clean it to get some stains out, i rang mr clean and they said its at my own risk, has anybody took any chances with this?

BTW we have sprayed vanish power carpert cleaner in it (dont ask why?!!!) and it didnt melt the beads, surely this is a harsher chemical that dry cleaning?! thanks in advance xx


  • loula-kloula-k Posts: 16
    I think it could be the heat that melts the beading. I bought a saree recently for part of my wedding and the blouse had a mark on it. I suggested dry cleaning it and my mother in law 2B said don't take the risk as the beading could melt and she knows as she ran a dry cleaning business for over 20 years!

    Have you tried a specialist dry cleaners- ones that clean wedding dresses as they must deal with dresses that have a lot of beading on them all the time? Might cost you more, but would probably be worth it if the beading doesn't melt.
  • you can by drycleaning fluid and spot clean it?
  • lindaatno9lindaatno9 Posts: 924
    I think it's because many 'high street' cleaners don't want to run the risk. I think there are a few non high street who will dry clean detailed dress.
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