Hey, What does every 1 think of cobalt blue for my bridesmaids?

Its September 2012. image


  • MrsPugh2MrsPugh2 Posts: 446
    I think its a lovely colour see i don't think colours matter with the seasons as iv been to weddings in the winter with yellow and green bridesmaids and been to summer weddings with red bridesmaids so i wouldn't worry its such a nice colour hun x
  • welshgracewelshgrace Posts: 1,224
    Sounds lovely, and I agree with Mrs Pugh 2b, colours don't have to match the season (not sure which season I would put blue in anyway???)

  • gemzy17gemzy17 Posts: 121
    I am having midnight blue. Blue's seem to be on trend at the mo. (probably since Kate Middleton wore that blue dress to announce her engagement - but I had already picked this before then!) there seems to be loads of blue about.
  • racheeeyracheeey Posts: 34
    Ooh that's the colour I've chosen. Would you mind letting me know where you are looking?

    I seem to remember seeing loads of cobalt blue a few months ago but now that I'm looking I can't find much!
  • GemjemGemjem Posts: 270
    Cobalt blue sounds lovely image with the colour being 'in' at the moment you shouldn't have a problem with fitting everything into the colour scheme like shoes and jewellery etc
  • alanna88alanna88 Posts: 164
    I got these dress off ebay, about 1 month ago was a real bargin, they never been worn the owner had changed the colour and now im unsure! image

    Im having a vintage wedding and im thinkin these dresses are so modern, my bms love them thou. image
  • Oh thats the colour I've chosen as well!! I have four bridesmaids and have chosen the below dresses if it helps!!

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