Caroline Castigliano Sizes

Hey all,

I've made an appointment at the Caroline Castigliano store in Bath, as kind of a motivation to lose some weight for the wedding... plus I need to start looking for dresses!! And love love love her dresses.

But I'm a size 16 at the minute at top/ 14 at bottom.

Would I even fit in the dresses at the store??? Or should I delay it slightly??



  • GemjemGemjem Posts: 270
    Iv not been to this store but the majority of sample sizes I tried on in various stores were sizes 14-16. Think they are the average sizes of most samples so u won't have anything to worry about image good luck finding your dream dress!
  • Whitley2BWhitley2B Posts: 104
    If I were you I would delay it slightly if you have the time to. I was in a similar situation when I went shopping for the first time and went to Caroline Castigliano in Leeds. The ladies in the shop were lovely (I had heard bad reports before I went) but the dresses were nearly all too small or so tight that I felt awful after it. I was a size 14/16 at the time.

    I wish now that I'd waited til I'd lost the weight so that I could of enjoyed it more.
  • Ah thanks for the input, thats what I was thinking since it is a designer boutique.

    Yea I think i'll delay my visit a couple months until I'm down to a 12 (lets hope it only takes a couple months!! image)

    Thanks again.

    S X
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