Lisa Marie Wedding Dresses???

Hi everyone,

I tried on a dress the other day and fell in love with it!! The bridal store told me it was by a designer called Lisa Marie and the dress was called 'Maketa'. I have been googling this so that I can try and see a picture of the dress but have had no luck. I was just wondering if anyone had heard of this designer or whether the assistant has confused the name?

Thanks x


  • Debz1987Debz1987 Posts: 11

    I bought my wedding dress a couple of weeks ago also by Lisa Marie and i cant find mine online either image i dont think the designer has a website ive looked everywhere

  • rita87176rita87176 Posts: 32
    Aw man! image I guess we'll just have to wait to see the real thing!!! All her dresses were lovely, when I went into the shop the lady said that every dress I picked was her strange!! xx
  • Debz1987Debz1987 Posts: 11
    Yeah that is strange lol i love my dress so much so sad i cant see it online will just need to wait to my fitting and take a few pics image

  • rita87176rita87176 Posts: 32
    Do you know what your dress was called? Mine was called Maketa or something.... xx
  • Debz1987Debz1987 Posts: 11
    Mines is called Kirsty image x
  • Hi,

    I have also just bought a dress that I loved. The lady in the shop told me it was by Lisa Marie. My dress is called Marcia. I have also tried googling the designer but can only see one website but I dont know if it is the same Lisa Marie and it does not show my dress or names of the dresses on line. It looked like it was based in Devon.

    Here's to the fittings! image
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    I tried a Lisa Marie dress on yesterday and I have also been trying to 'google' it but no joy. I have found this boutique online - - there aren't many dresses online but worth a call to see if it's the same person and maybe she could send you a photo of the dress if it is? I just tried to call but it's Sunday morning so they're closed!
  • Hello ladies, I've found the website! Have been checking periodically since I bought my dress in July so I think it has come online quite recently - also the woman in the shop when I bought mine advised that she's quite a new designer.

    Seems to be down at the moment but was working over the weekend. Yay!
  • Im having Lisa Marie dress Kiwi but cant find it on the site and my fitting isnt until April image x
  • GMB1GMB1 Posts: 2
    Ah I am having the same problem, I tried on a dress by Lisa Marie it was called Diane but no sign of it online. I have a feeling that it must be part of the new spring collection and maybe the website hasn't been updated with the new collection?

    I sent an email via the website to enquire!
  • Rach172Rach172 Posts: 6
    Hey girls. I am having Lisa Marie Kiwi. I ordered my dress at the end of Feb. Gutted that I cant see a pic of it online image My mum took a pic of me wearing it but we decided to delete it cos we didn't want anyone to accidentally seeing it! The bridal shop said it would take 6-8 months for my dress to come into the shop so I have a long wait until I can see it again image
  • Hi ladies

    Today I ordered a Lisa Marie dress called Meg. As your posts are much older, perhaps you could please let me know how your dress turned out for your big day! We're you pleased with the handiwork, quality, etc?

    Thank you! image

    G x
  • LauraGLauraG Posts: 32

    I have also just bought a Lisa Marie dress "pansy" I think it's called. I can't find anything on line! Any ideas?

    L x
  • Rhona30Rhona30 Posts: 2

    This won't help but I also tried on a LM dress in the Bridal Studio in Glasgow.  Dress was called Princess and I LOVED it.  Just trying to justify the money now. 

  • GG Posts: 1

    Hi Ladies

    Just in case you haven't heard Bridal Studio closed today. Lisa Marie Bidal has also ceased trading.

  • Hi all, I have purchased a LM dress from bridal studio and I am devastated as I have paid for it and have no dress my wedding is in 4 months does anyone know what I should do? Please help I've been in tears all day and really don't know what to do, they thought of looking for another dress is filling me with dread as I loved this dress so much x

  • ShazGazShazGaz Posts: 1

    Leanne Wilson contact [email protected] they made my dress from photos of 2 different dresses I liked. Also can't you get money back from credit card or bank? 

  • KyotoSunKyotoSun Posts: 2

    LeanneWilson2, I also bought a LM dress from the bridal studio in Glasgow. My dress was called "Princess".  Such a shame your wedding is so soon. I know how your feeling with looking for another dress, Im sitting here in tears trying to find another "MY" dress. Its shocking that they can get away with letting brides down like this. I did think it was odd that there wanst much about LM online and i couldnt see any pics of the new collection. I only found the GO4Photograpy shoot that featured my dress to look at. I agree with ShazGaz, im sure other bridal studios are willing to lend a hand given the situation. Let me know how you get on. image


  • I paid for 2 bridesmaids dresses from the bridal studio. No money was ever sent on to the manufacturer but luckily the order was made so I have been able to arrange to pay again for my dresses with the brilliant help of Kirsty from Ivorypinks in bothwell. Would highly recommend her, She has brought in extra staff to the shop and they are open extended hours to help folk - she couldnt have been nicer.

    Good luck everyone xx

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