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I have been to quite a few bridal shops and every time I go I keep finding a dress that is prettier and I feel more special in, than the one before. When does this stop and I can act like the girl who I saw in the last shop I visited who stood gushing "I can't believe I've found my dress" So, how do you know when you have found your perfect dress?


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    you won't want to take it off. trust me. i found my perfect dress in the first YAYW mag i bought; Papillon by jenny packham ( i had no idea how much it cost or if i would be able to source it outside her belgravia store. i went to knutsford for my first bridal appt & was a bag of nerves. unfortunately, i was treated by the manager like i shouldn't have bothered - at a size 12-14, the other 2 girls in there were 5 stone wet through & the gowns were too full & flouncy. as a self confessed monica, i get depressed if things aren't JUST right. unrealistic, but there you go. i'm 31 & won't change.

    so i went to 2 more stores before emailing jenny packham's assistant & discovering my dream dress was in nantwich - a few miles away. having gone to one store with my fiance's mum, she gave me the advice i've passed on - you won't want to take it off.

    so i held on, despite quite liking 2 dresses that i tried on before i went to amy louise. how nervous was i? made the appt, walked in & saw THE DRESS. i'd prepared myself to discover it wasn't the same off the glossy magazine spread, it wouldn't be in my size, it wouldn't suit me, i'd make it look less than perfection. you know what? i had a lump in my throat & tears in my eyes when i stood in it, looking in my reflection in the mirror. i DIDN'T want to take it off (much less for my jeans i'd walked in wearing).

    hope that works for you. xx
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    Thank you so much Petra. Seriously, I have been worrying about this constantly and haven't known who to ask. My Mum is of no use becasue to her everything looks beautiful on me(not true) so I really really appriciate your advice. I just made an appointment to re-try on a dress i am considering and will keep in mind all that you said. And, the dress you have choosen is just stunning x
  • Hey, I went shopping with my sister for her dress and we literally said to the girl in the shop (june Brides in Glasgow) to please bring dresses that she thought would suit my sisters shape. And she so did. Every dress my sister picked was horrible on, and the one that she bought, when the girl brought it to her we both said "no way, we don;t like it" the girl assured as she would if we could just get her in it - and guess what it was the one! She looked absolutely gorgeous and we both burst out crying when she came out of the changing room. My advise, don't buy one that you like, but one that you love. Make sure you are comfortable in it as you'l have it on a long time. I really do think that you will know the one as soon as you put it on - hope this helps x
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    Hi Grace - I think you know it's the dress whenever you feel that you would be happy to walk down the aisle as you are - frizzy hair and all!!!! I knew it was the dress for me because I felt truly beautiful and Mum and Mother in law were both very teary!!! Good luck CJxxx
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    Yes wait until you get that warm feeling rising from your tum and the butterflies. I tried loads on and didn't feel special in any of them until I tried on the one I've bought. U will just know!
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    I knew I had found the right dress when I got teary and butterflies in my stomach and my mum and best friend were also stunned into silence (a very rare event) and teary. I was lucky I found it quickly once I started, but I had looked at hundreds in magazines and websites. What was surprising for me was the dress is nothing like I imagined it would be when I started looking (I originally had a very clear vision in my head) it goes to show you just do not know what works until you start trying dresses on.
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    And you will know its still the right one after you've chosen it when you look through all the magazines at the dresses right up until your wedding day and you still think its the best dress in the world!
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    I went shopping the week after we got engaged for a giggle and my mum wanted to see me in a dress! I had no intended purpose on finding my dress over two years away before our marriage (easter 05). We went round all these shops and everything was 'nice' but nothing was WOW and then we went into this shop where the woman was really really rude because we hadn't made an appointment and the dresses didn't fit me as they were too small.... left feeling really depressed and upset, anyway my mum convinced me to go to another shop and just try on one more dress. We got there I tried on this Maggie Sotterto gown (Jeraldine) and oh my god WOW WOW WOW!!! It was lovely, made me look like a size 8 and it didnt fit... I ve been back 3 or 4 times in the last 12 months and its still as lovely, believe me you wont want to take it off - last time i was in there I had to be asked to go and get changed! Dont go for a dress you have doubts about, i had a second choice i found here on the iom and thought it was nice but i wasn't sure and im glad now that i was swung the other way... But i had to go home and try my first choice on again and it was even nicer then i remembered and my worry that it was too heavy wasn't true at all, just to long and thats why i couldnt walk in it!!! Good luck, sorry this is so long Iam all excited now image xxx
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    I agree with what's been said above about not wanting to take it off, tears in your eyes etc etc. For me it was also a dress that made me feel like a bride rather than like I was dressing up. Don't panic if you don't realise straight away though. Although I got really emotional when I found mine I didn't have the confidence there and then to know it was 'the one' but after that try on I couldn't stop thinking about it. I tried it on again in another store, and after that kind of lost interets in looking at other shops, so that that was when I actually knew I'd found it.

    Good Luck!
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    I am now so looking forward to going and trying it on again on saturday. In a flurry of panic I rushed off to House of Fraser during lunch, just to see what other dresses looked like. Not bad mouthing their selection but much prefered the one i am going to try on at the weekend. I can't believe how obsessed i have become and I'm so glad that you gals are just as invovled as I am....
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    I haven't started looking for my dress yet so have all this wonderful stuff to go through! Do any of you recommend any stores in london for dress shopping? I know alot of the dressmakers have their flagship stores in london, but am concerned how much their dresses are going to be - any advice?
  • fifileflofifileflo Posts: 23
    House of Fraser, Debenhams and Harrods all have Bridal departments. Here are a few websites to look at who all have stores in London:

    And, then there is Pronupia, which have a really great selection.... Hope that helps a wee bit. Can anyone think of any others?
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    I am getting married in September 2007. Am not really sure when to buy my dress. Any suggestions?
  • nessauknessauk Posts: 319
    Hi, I've just ordered my dress from Romantic Fashion Design Gallery, 65 Margaret Street (off Regent St in London) - they were really helpful and didn't rush you at all. Although best to avoid Saturdays if poss. They had loads of gorgeous (and affordable!) dresses to choose from, Alfred Angelo etc. Hope that helps - have fun!
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    I'm getting married at the end of October (06) and ordered my dress a couple of weeks ago. You need to allow at least 6 months for it to be ordered / do dress fittings etc. Maybe start looking towards the end of this year?
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    To those looking for places in London I'd recommend a visit to Chiltern Street (it's between Baker Street and Oxford Street - nearer the Baker Street end). There is one section of the street that has half a dozen or more bridal stores and is great for dresses and accessories too.
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    getting married sept 07,ive bought my dress,its red and fabulous,everything else can now fit into place and i cant wait.....only thing is i keep having a wobble about the colour..........even though i love it....whats wrong with me???????
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    Thanks for all the advice girls, much appreciated! Have written it all down in my wedding file, so will be on the lookout soon! Trotters, you are so organised!!I'm getting married sept 22 2007 and haven't even started yet!!
  • I got my dress at the national wedding show, it's by Fiona Clare and only cost me 825, it should have been 2500! There are so many bargains there, also try the sample sales which are always advertised in yayw.
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    The first thing I did was buy my dress and it has influenced everything else. Even the venue and especially the type of transport we're having. Trying to put my h2b off a gorgeous but very small type of vintage car was hard work. Had to tell him that I just wouldn't fit in in my dress in the end! It has a big skirt that's hooped and bit of a train (Hollywood Dreams)n I agree with the tip that you won't want to take it off. I had this feeling with two dresses which were very similar but I was a bit unsure about the skirt on one of them and you have to be 100% sure about the design. I went with the other one but being a worrier I kind of forgot how it felt on n worried that it was wrong so had to go back and make sure. It was still perfect! image
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