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Sasi Holford Sample Sale

In case anyone is still looking, Sassi Holford is holding a sample sale from 2nd July until 15th July at her London and Taunton boutiques, where you can pick up a Sassi for up to 75% discount. Her site says it's on selected dresses in the 2010 & 2011 range. Don't think her stockists are having the sale though. Could grab yourself a real bargain!


  • Hi Gemskat,

    Have you got a Sassi holford gown? Where did you get yor beauty from? I am in love with Sassi Holfords Ellie and am trying to find a second hand or sample dress to buy as I just can't afford full price. I'd love to chat maybe you can advise me on where to look,

    Gemma Katharine
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