Honeypie Boutique Dresses

Hi Everyones!

After reading on this board and on teh internet about Honeypie Boutique dresses, I really like the look of them, and a few people have talked about them. However, no-one has offered an opinion or has pictures so far.

Does anyone have one of these dresses? Or know someone who has? Or has anyone seen them in real life? Please, please please can I get some more info n these dresses? They are a good price, but don't want to order one if they are rubbish!

Thanks! image 8)


  • MrsStonetobeMrsStonetobe Posts: 1,136
    I've not seen any in real life or know anyone who's got one BUT I absolutely fell in love with them and was definitely going to get one, until I found a completely different dress and fell in love with it. But I still might for my bridesmaid - they are gorgeous though! Sorry I can't help more but I was definitely going to do it... until I didn't!
  • MrsPLMrsPL Posts: 417
    Hi - hope someone responds as I too am also considering a dress from here but just a little unsure due to the fact you can't send it back if you don't like it eeek! x
  • BeauvallonBeauvallon Posts: 217
    What about cuttingedgebrides- you can try theirs on at home for £25
  • Hi,

    My honeypie Lauren dress arrived a few weeks ago. I've not tried on any other dresses so can't really compare quality but I think the quality is pretty good - probably not the same as a 3 grand frock but for a £150 one it's pretty good. The satin is thick and it looks well made (although admittedly, I guess it's not a complicated dress to make)

    I've just ordered underskirts and a sash which has added another £100 to the cost. But I reckon £250 is pretty good for a wedding frock.

    Amy at honeypie has been brilliant and answers emails really quickly.

    Will let you know when the underskirts arrive I'll let you know what the whole ensemble looks like!
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