help me!!!

i rely do not know if the wedding dress i brought last year is the one for me!!! loved it at first but now im having second thoughts!! what should i do? really worried as i will loose my money and why am i feeling like this beacuse i loved the dress and it looks lovely on! iv had tears and all sorts image


  • i worry about this some times, you bought your dress for a reason, you loved it!!

    Just dont look at other bridal dresses cos that will always tempt you. i say stick with the one youve got, it probabky looks great. x
  • ooo tricky, i feel a bit like this too. Have you got the dress now? When is your wedding? If you wanted to, have you got time to get a new one if you really really wanted too? However, remember you chose the dress for a reason in the first place

  • lexy_popslexy_pops Posts: 14
    thank ladies for you advice!!! i think i had this wobble because the photo iv got of me in the dress is on my phone and you cant really see it properly and the only picture i can find on the internet of my dress looks awfull it does the dress no favours!!! so my mum showed me the same picture i have but its on her camara and now i remember why i fell in love with the dress, but im going to see it on tuesday to get that lovely feeling back!!! YAY!!! love you girles x x x x
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