Anybody ever used Lightinthebox?

Hello ladies

I have found the bridemaids dresses that i want on this site for a fraction of the cost here.

I have heard a bride mention it saying she was very pleased with them and the quality etc, but im wondering about tax/vat through customs?

Has anybody used this site before?

Thank you!


  • heya!

    I have never brought anything from light in the box so can comment on tax etc, but i was a bridesmaid for my friend and she got our dresses from light inm the box. She orderd them from measurments and they fitted perfectly. I think the dress was very nice, the zip was a bit tricky on mine but the others were fine.

    Hope this helps x
  • Thanks Steph image

    Comforting knowing that quite a few people have used them and are happy with the quality! You know how some sites can be dodgy lol

    Thanks again x
  • Hello,

    I found a lot of favours/stationary on light in a box - a fraction of the cost of the same items in the UK - but am hesitant because of the possibility of hidden tax etc...does anyone know whether the price in your shopping cart is the final price or whether you get a nasty suprise later?

    Many thanks!
  • Steph i read on their website the price you are quoted+shipping is the only price they charge you, BUT when your parcel arrives customs can charge you import tax / vat.

    I have no idea how much or how it is calculated etc, but lightinthebox says they take no resposibility for it.
  • tiffany_mctiffany_mc Posts: 140
    I bought 4 dresses at once from LITB and when they came UPS wouldnt leave my dresses until I handed over £70!!!! I was less than impressed. The adult dress size 8 fit like a dream, the size 18 was more like a 14 and the 2 kids ones and at lease 30cm too long.

    By the time I added TAX and alterations they became cheap...average...slightly more than average priced dresses.

    I had to order an additional childs dress (that is also massively long) that was delivered by fed-ex and they have since sent me a bill for £17 for the tax on that dress.

    The quality is really good! Even the seamstress was impressed.

    If I was to 'have my time again' I would send measurements across to avoid alterations...but in general I probably wouldnt order from LITB and be more tempted to have them made by a seamstress. My best friend got quoted £50 per dress and her material was about £10 per dress and one of her maids is a size 22/24

    Sorry if this isnt what you wanna hear but just wanna give you my facts x
  • NowMrsT62011NowMrsT62011 Posts: 2,580
    I ordered 4 flower girl dresses from LITB and was very very happy with the quality of them! I had free shipping on a special offer but was hit with a £30 tax/customs fee. I wasn't impressed either but it didn't overshadow the dresses.

    I believe that it has nothing to do with the company and they don't have to inform you. I think that it has something to do with the amount you spend as when I ordered a hoop (which I didn't use in the end) I wasn't charged anything?!

    I would definitely reccommend them on quality and speed but just be prepared to pay when they arrive.
  • Green2beGreen2be Posts: 46
    I ordered my petticoat from LITB and I wasnt charged anything extra when it arrived?I think it must depend on your total order value,as to wether you pay any extra tax etc. I was really impressed with the quality and to get a very full, mermaid petticoat for £18 (inc shipping!!) was too good a bargain to resist!
  • I hate to break it to you, but the Chinese wholesale sites are the main ones for counterfeit dresses, they normally use the designers photos and what you get is far from the same quality. Fashionlande even uses the designers name and codes, then gets the dresses made in the cheapest Shanghai factory they have on their books image

    It looks like lightinthebox is possibly another one that's upto the same tricks;

    The other thing to bear in mind - is if they're selling the dresses so cheap, how are they making enough of a mark up on them to continually pay for premium phrases on adwords?

    If you're looking to save some money you'd be better off asking your local bridal shops if there are any sample dresses you can buy. There can be a lot of heartache when the dresses come to you in a carrier bag from China and can look nothing like what you envisioned for your big day.

    Sorry to be the bearer of potentially bad news, but just be very careful - if you're determined to have a lightinthebox dress then maybe buy just one and see what its like before potentially losing out on a lot of £££

    Good luck!

  • I bought a veil from there and it was very high quality. Shame I changed my mind about having a veil. Their customer service was also outstanding.
  • singo44singo44 Posts: 3,420
    I bought very favour boxes from there a while ago - took 4 weeks to arrive but they were great! NO tax tho? But it was only a small amount.

    I'm not sure I'd be risky enough go buy dresses from there, I prefer to SEE them in the flesh x
  • My friend bought her wedding dress from them and it was a nightmare. The sizing was well out and they had to pay about £70 customs charge. The bridesmaid dress also came from there it was ok but a little out on the size. I wouldn't put yourself through the stress x
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