Aaaarrrrghhhhh i just bought my dress!!!

Just got home from trying on the most beautiful dress ever and happy to say that in 6 months time she will beling to me :0) its got to be the most exciting feeling ever when you put a dress on and instantly know its the one image second of course, to getting engaged image

soooo happy right now, lets see if i can post a link or picture!



  • MrsHagan2BMrsHagan2B Posts: 116

    That is a GORGEOUS dress!!
  • MrsChez2bMrsChez2b Posts: 476
    Thank you image It took me over a month to track down a sample but it was sooo worth it!

  • GattinaRosaGattinaRosa Posts: 822
    Gorgeous dress! Im planning on being a Maggie bride too!
  • mojojobiemojojobie Posts: 733
    WOW that's a gorgeous dress!!
  • MrsChez2bMrsChez2b Posts: 476
    Aaaah thank you so much MrsS2b17! Oooh I'm getting butterflies just looking at it again image

    I love Maggie dresses GattinaRosa, have you seen a particular one you like yet?
  • RoofiesRoofies Posts: 280
    Congratulations - it's BEAUTIFUL!

    I'm thinking of being a Maggie bride too - Goldie. Not getting married for a bit though and am worried about buying it too soon! Bloomin' love it though, makes me get butterflies thinking about it too image

    Edit: typo
  • KerryLouWKerryLouW Posts: 53
    Stunning dress. I too, am going to be a Maggie bride (Cecilia)
  • It's a lovely dress
  • I love the dress you've chosen, love love love it. The halterneck/racer back sleeves, the fit of the bust and waist and the fullness of the skirt, really lovely!
  • MrsA-2-bMrsA-2-b Posts: 154
    I love your dress, its stunning! image
  • Wow! Gorgeous! Do you have pic of you in it?
  • HappyHippy85HappyHippy85 Posts: 184
    Very nice dress, a real unique design. I love Maggie dresses, years ago they did one called Crystal which was absolutely beautiful, would love that one for my 2nd wedding but they don't do it anymore. Just been to a wedding where the bride had such a scaled down Maggie that I couldn't believe it was one of hers, but it turns out it was part of her beach range. I love how the designs change so frequently but I do wish they still designed the Crystal one, oh well!
  • MrsChez2bMrsChez2b Posts: 476
    I do have a couple of pics but cant work out how to get them on here! If i can figure it out then i'll definitely do it image

    Glad there's been so many positive comments about my beautiful dress! Means a lot ladies xx
  • MrsChez2bMrsChez2b Posts: 476
    Here's my attempt to post the pictures! Please excuse the mugshots, sooo wasnt prepared to have my photo taken so facial expression was a bit goofy! image



  • MrsChez2bMrsChez2b Posts: 476
    Yay it actually worked!!! Woooo image
  • icklekidicklekid Posts: 732
    You look amazing what a beautiful dress!
  • MrsBreese2BMrsBreese2B Posts: 483
    That dress suits you so well - I can totally understand why you went for it. You look like a princess! image x
  • I wasn't sure from the website but it really suits you, you look great!!
  • singo44singo44 Posts: 3,420
    wow that is a fabulous dress!!!!!!! you look amazing x
  • BiffsWifeBiffsWife Posts: 820
    I wasnt sure from the website pic but seeing it on you it looks amazing!x
  • XGeminiXukXGeminiXuk Posts: 83
    Wow you look so gorgeous, brilliant dress choice! x
  • NowMrsMackNowMrsMack Posts: 2,535
    Love it!! You look fab!
  • RoofiesRoofies Posts: 280
    Wow you look really amazing!!
  • MrsChez2bMrsChez2b Posts: 476
    Thanks everyone image the comments have been amazing!

    I know it doesnt look like you're 'typical' wedding dress, havent seen any other racer backs at all!! But i think thats part of the attraction for me, i love the idea of walking in and people saying 'well ive never seen a dress like that before' image

    I also tried on Maggie's Mona dress, absolutely stunning, which was a pretty close 2nd but this one stole my heart the minute I first saw her on the website!
  • pixiedonpixiedon Posts: 5
    Wow, that's stunning!

    I wasn't planning on a "big dress" but I'm getting more and more sold on the idea!
  • missyj2010missyj2010 Posts: 600
    Congrats! I was a Maggie bride too! Her dresses are fabulous!
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