Looking for silver shoes...

Ive just ordered my dress but think the colour might be quite difficult to match up for shoes (its diamond white) so does anyone have any ideas where i can get some silver sparkly shoes? Budget is probably up to around £150-200...

Any help would be fantastic xx


  • ClairybearClairybear Posts: 22
    Can recommend Bespoke Big Day - you can choose what you want! OR saw some sparkly silver shoes on Next website:


    OR maybe


  • mojojobiemojojobie Posts: 733
    So many places you could look ....





    elegant steps

    girls of elegance

    viva la diva

    perditas wedding shoes


  • Have you thought about having bright pink shoes? Or baby blue shoes? Lots of people are doing it right now. A friend of mine got married years ago in a big white fluffy dress but she had her favourite trainers on under it. Her feet didnt hurt at all during the day.

    If you are set on silver shoes though, what style are you looking for?
  • I'm so unsure about shoes, thinking some nice green ones would be good as my theme is green with brown. Then I can wear theme again, or will go with a pale, minky browny type colour.

    Silver shoes will be lovely, you will be able to find them easily too.
  • barbie_86barbie_86 Posts: 626
    JC and Gina sales are worth checking out as you might get something for around that.

    You could also look at Upper Street: Special Sundae got hers from there and basically you design them to your own specifications eg you choose the fabric (choice of leather, satin, suede, and metallic leather I think), the heel, the style, and any embellishments eg crystals. They cost around £200 on average.

    I love silver shoes: I'm having the Gina Campari in silver mist for the day, then the Jimmy Choo Isabel in Champagne (pale silver slittery fabric) for the evening. I don't really like white shoes, and I'm weird; they'd have the match perfectly. I also have a major shoe fetish and have always wanted Ginas/Choos for my wedding, nothing else would fell right, but, I don't want to spend several hundred on a pair that are out-and-out bridal. Both the pairs I'm having can easily be worn again after image
  • MrsChez2bMrsChez2b Posts: 476
    Thanks everyone! Some great suggestions for places to look, will definitely be checking out the ones I havent already looked at!

    Barbie- i did see a gorgeous pair of Gina shoes (a bit of a shoe fiend myself but H2B hates me spending ridiculous amounts on them lol), the Jenna ones but turns out they are ivory and my dress is a very pale ivory (looks almost white to me but the assistant assured me it was actually ivory) so i dont think they would match, im gutted! Although maybe with the 600 price tag, maybe thats just as well image
  • minkymoolouminkymoolou Posts: 924
    I no it sounds a bit 'cheap' for your wedding day, but new look have lots of silver (and gold) shoes in their sale at mo. I got mine in there, and I plan to 'bling' them up a bit myself - but I'm not a heels wearer normally, so it didn't seem worth spending loads on shoes I'll only wear once!
  • xxhayleyxx1xxhayleyxx1 Posts: 1,038
    Heres my shoes, They are out of budget £295 I had the same budget as you but once I saw these I had to have them.

    Benjamin Adams Charlize.

  • schuh have some in..these are mine image

  • MrsChez2bMrsChez2b Posts: 476
    Thanks Guys, this is all brilliant!

    hayley those shoes are absolutely amazing! Very similar to my coveted 'Jenna' shoes from Gina image I may have to check out those babies for myself! Whats an extra 100 when it comes to the most important shoes of your life... lol
  • Soon2BeMrsTSoon2BeMrsT Posts: 159
    Heres my shoes, They are out of budget £295 I had the same budget as you but once I saw these I had to have them. Benjamin Adams Charlize.

    Awwww I love these shoes sooooooo bad!!! But at 5'7 and my other half just under 6 foot I will be borderline taller than him with my tiara on image all is not lost though as they have a new design called Gaga out which are slightly smaller heel although I have to say I don't like them as much as the Charlize........if anyone knows where I can custom bling my shoes I would love to know x x x
  • MrsChez2bMrsChez2b Posts: 476
    I'm lucky in that respect, i'm 5'7 but H2B is 6'4! I can wear heels as high as I like lol

    I think these are my faves so far, have a sister in the US that will ship them over if I want! Yay

  • sandrews82sandrews82 Posts: 86
    Love love love those shoes Hayley! Had a sneaky try on in a bridal shop the other day and they're really comfy too..

    Unfortunately though I won't be able to wear heels.. Not because of H2B (I'm 5ft 6 and he's just over 6ft) but because my Dad is only 5ft4! Just think it would look wierd if I was towering over him as he walks me down the aisle! Might get a sparkly pair for the dancing though...

  • Hi ladies,

    Another good one is moda in pelle- they've got a few metallic styles in their online sale at the moment. Lovely. x
  • xxhayleyxx1xxhayleyxx1 Posts: 1,038
    Yeah they are really comfy, I was unsure at first, there bound to hurt thou after wearing them for 12 hours haha. x
  • Im looking for silver shoes for my bridesmaids, I need a low heel anout 2/3 inches and preper covered toe
  • Im looking for silver shoes for my bridesmaids, I need a low heel anout 2/3 inches and preper covered toe
  • John lewis is fantastic for shoes! They have some beautiful carvella syles in and have other brands too including kurt geiger and dune. I loveeeeee shoes and they have to make me feel amazing and i have found a few in lohn lewis but cant choose just one pair image oooh and I forgot to mention there all priced under 200 image
  • Dune do some gorgeous ones for £85. They are silver and VERY sparkly!
  • Love these! Benjamin Adams, Gaga £250...too high for me though image

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