anyone else can't find the 'perfect' dress?

You just need to have a good look around - first of all, buy a wedding magazine (I find that 'Wedding Ideas' is the best value) and really take a good look at all the different designers so you can get an idea of the style that you like, make a list, then go on their websites and browse the different styles. Think about the venue and the kind of theme you'd like, whether the venue is big enough to carry off a 'big' dress (you don't want 100 people standing on it after all). Think about your figure and the bits you like and the bits you don't like. Also consider whether you want a long train or not as some designers (like Forever Yours) are famous for their long trains.

That said though the only way to really find out what suits you is to look round your local wedding shops and really try things on, as what happens with a lot of b2b is that they have a picture in their mind of something they really love then when they try it on they find it doesn't actually suit them at all. Or you could not like a certain style and find it looks amazing on you.

Just be patient, don't be afraid to experiment, and the right one will find you x


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