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My shoes part 2!

Well, my JCs for the evening arrived about a week ago, and now my shoes for the day have arrived too! They're Campari by Gina, and I love love LOVE them! I've said for ages that they'd be by wedding shoes, so I've bought them already as I'd hate not to be able to get them. They're absolutely beautiful and the more I look at them, the more I love them; it's going to be SO hard not to wear them! lol

Here we go:

Argh, so excited!


  • Lovely!

    I noticed your choos are the same as my wedding shoes! I love them, lower than I thought i'd go for but an amazing Cinderella shoe!
  • Lovely, glittery shoes. They'll look gorgeous! Which Choos are you girls wearing? Mine are the lace applique Clue shoes!
  • barbie_86barbie_86 Posts: 626
    We have the Isabel: mine are in champagne (basically a pale silvery gold, hard to describe). I've got my Choos for the evening as they're a bit lower and also more supportive, so when my feet get tired I can change lol
  • barbie_86barbie_86 Posts: 626
    Here are the Choos:

  • MrsBreese2BMrsBreese2B Posts: 483
    Ahhhhhh - those Choos again.... *drool*

    image x
  • Mine are the same, I love them and can't wait to wear them on Friday image
  • I want nice shoes image

    But have to wear flats as H2B is only 2/3 inches taller than me, and I do not want to be taller than him.

    So it's either wear 5" heels (I don't like little heels) or flats.

    You ladies are very very lucky, to be wearing such lush shoes.
  • Those are lovely, bit low for me but very elegant for a wedding. I love them!

    These are mine:

    I've been saying for years I wanted the Clues as my wedding shoes as I already have them in gold and they are so beautiful and flattering! We went in Selfridges so show my mum and MOH and they were in the sale so I got them!
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