Do people still use Net Bride?

Back in the olden days when I first got married, I used to order two Mon Cheri bridesmaid dresses as two of my bm's were lucky enough to be pretty much a sample size 10 and 12, I then got a further three of the same dresses from my local bridal shop, and because I was obviously able to compare both dresses, I can confirm that they were 100% completely and utterly the same dresses as the ones from the local bridal shop.

Ok, so fast foward seven years and here I am again planning a wedding (see my two dresses thread on here) and I'm thinking of perhaps trying on a few dresses in the local shops and then ordering them on netbride, saving a lot and hopefully therefore being able to have two dresses!

But I'm wondering whether they still provide such a good service? Any advice would be great x
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