Hello I am thinking of going for a champagne coloured veil to tie in with my dress which is also a soft champagne colour, the sample looked nice against my dress. But still worried thinking would an ivory veil be better, amyone out there had the same idea or thoughts. image


  • HappyHippy85HappyHippy85 Posts: 184
    Is your dress completely champagne or does it have any ivory accents, beading, lacing, embroidery etc? As the match in contrast can look really affective. If it is completely champange tho I'd probably stick to a champagne one, or possibly a very sheer ivory one with diamantes
  • I have an ivory dress, and was told the ivory veil would be too pale so they ordered cream. The cream matches perfectly, i'm so glad I listened to the shop!

    I've seen people who have veils slightly lighter than their dresses and to be honest I don't think it looks right. If the sample matched I would stick to that.

    Good luck!!
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