White wedding dress.......what jewellery??

Hey Ladies,

Just wondering what jewellery you all think would go with a white gown?? Its a pure white strapless gown with heaving detailing and having a nightmare trying to find jewellery to go. I love pearl but have been told to avoid with a white dress??

Thank you for all your help!!




  • mrsjenny2012mrsjenny2012 Posts: 258
    What colour is your ring?

    What colour jewellery do you normally wear?

    i've got a white dress and i'm having a gold wedding ring so i'm going to have gold jewellery with pearls as well.

    I'm quite faur skinned and blonde so gold just suits me better.

    Here's my hair clip:


    My earrings are going to be pearls - my mum wore them on her wedding day.

    Havent decided on my necklace yet.
  • mojojobiemojojobie Posts: 733
    Can you post a pic of your dress?? or a link? That will help us to suggest jewellery image
  • JoeyClareJoeyClare Posts: 2,737
    I have a white dress too. I'm just having a necklace as I don't wear earrings often. My engagement ring is white gold, so I have gone for silver coloured jewellery.

    Here is my necklace from Swarovski:

    If I wear a bracelet then it will be a bracelet H2B bought me for a present. It's also from Swarovski, so looks nice with my necklace.

    I don't have a picture of my tiara as I wont get it until my dress arrives, but that is silver with crystal detailing.

    Check out Swarovski and Glitzy Secrets as they have lots of lovely crystal jewellery.
  • Hey,

    Ring is platinum and i always wear silver/ white gold. Dress is an alfred angelo one, no 2136 in white, tried linking a pic but isn't working, if you type it in google tho it pops straight up. Love the idea of pearls but just not sure.


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