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Jenny Packham Acacia Headdress for Hire

Having searched high and low for the ultimate in vintage headwear for my wedding day I finally found what I was looking for in Jenny Packham's gorgeous vintage look acacia headress. (Please see my picture with vintage look blush veil). Stylish, and modern in every way it is the perfect finish for a vintage look.

I am now hiring this out to other brides for their day. If interested please do get in contact. You really won't be disappointed.


  • Hello Lizzo 1512,

    I just love the Acacia Headress. With your headress is the blush attached or is it removable. Also how much is it to hire this as I am getting married this year.

    I look forward to hearing from you image

  • Hi,

    I'd be interested in this for May 6th, would you please be able to send me details? [email protected]

    Thanks image
  • Hi

    I'm getting marrie on 4th August this year and would love to hire this head piece. Could you let me know if it's available and how much it would cost?


  • mozmoz Posts: 1

    hi there have you got any better pictures to see, getting married 29th September 2012, and hair try on 18th august, any good? miranda

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