First Dress Fitting - Advice please =)

Hi guys, I am now 14 weeks away from my big day and my local bridal shop is currently holding my ex sample gown I picked as the dress I wanted was discon and the only chance I had of owning it was to buy the sample. The problem is, its currently a size 10-12 and needs to be taken down to a teen tiny six. They said I don't need to be in until 6 weeks before the day but I've asked to go in about 12 weeks before due to the mountain of alterations... just in case anything does go wrong I've got a bit of breathing space to sort it...

Is this too early?? =S

Vic x


  • char2609ukchar2609uk Posts: 1,539

    If its causing you worry then best to get it sorted sooner rather than later in my opinion. Just arrange a final fitting for a couple of weeks before to make sure its all fine.
  • Yep, I agree I think going in earlier rather than later is a a good idea, and then get a last fitting in just a couple of weeks before just to check it's all fine

    Personally I'd be a bit twitchy going in only 6 weeks before as well
  • Thanks guys, i've been the same weight give or take a pound for 4 years so i don't think i'll change drastically anyways! Just didn't know what the norm was for this. But think it would put me at rest being earlier x
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    Yep, I'd go now - I went about six weeks before and mine was also an ex-sample, but I only needed the bottom hemming.

    I have to say, and the shop would be best placed to advise you, as it will vary from dress to dress, but I'd heard that they are designed to go up or down one size. So I'd definitely want to get it done sooner rather than later so you know what you're dealing with. image
  • I'm only having mine altered a month before wedding! Was assured by seamstress this was ok, as only needs quite minor alterations (mainly just length) and she only books in one bride for alterations at a time, so she gives each dress her undivided attention - so think I'll be ok.
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