Can you help me find this dress!!!

Can someone help me! In the lastest issue of you and your wedding there is a dress advertised for the designer bridal room but it isn't on their website and i would really like to try it! It is page 60 of may/june 2006 issue. Thank you


  • petraukpetrauk Posts: 143
    lovely dress!

    the easiest thing to do - i did it with the jenny packham dress i'd seen in YAYW is email / call them & ask them to locate nearest stockist to your postcode.

    good luck! xx
  • Thanks I'll do that, I know I will probably try it and it'll look aweful but I won't be happy till I have at least tried it! Anyone else seen any like it anywhere?
  • debbie_wdebbie_w Posts: 229

    I have just seen th dress you are talking about...I am unsure who the designer is but mine is very similar to this and is by Cosmobella - a sister company of Demetios..he's a website that has the dress on: its on the top right hand corner.

    Although mine has detachable flowers...and slight beading on the body, but the fabric looks identical.

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