Benjamin Roberts 2058 - Anyone else chosen this?

I have totally fell head over heels in love with this dress! I have an appointment to try it on for the second time on Friday and plan to order it then if I still get the tingles when I put it on lol.

I am just wondering if anyone else has/had this gown and made any changes to it? Its a zip up back and I kind of had my mind set on a lace up back. The lady at the dress shop says its no biggy to change it to a lace up but it may not look as nice as the zip does. There is quite a lot of detail on the back, with the buttons and the belt etc so I am worried a lace up may be a bit OTT!!


  • I'm wearing this next weekend image

    I haven't changed the back but I think it's quite easy for them to do. I've had a bustle put in so I can bustle up the train in the evening, picking it up today from the seamstress image
  • Yep she said it would be easy to do, I am just worried about compromising the style of the dress!

    I think I am going to leave it with the zip.

    Its so exciting to speak to someone who is actually wearing it. Did you get it in white or ivory?

  • I got it in ivory image I personally prefer the zip as it has all the lovely buttons all the way down and the belt tied round which might look a bit much with a ribbon tie up
  • hiya

    i've also ordered this dress and i am changing the back to lace up. like you i always had my heart set on the corset lace up. i dont think it will compromise the look of the dress, with regards to the belt i'm unsure if i'm going to wear it, but if i do what i might so is take the flower off the belt have it sewn onto dress sirectly whivh is not a big job at all. i'm planning on keeping the buttons and will do something with them, unsure what am sure i'll come up with something.
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    Me!!! I love my 2058. Arrives in the shop in 2 months. image I'm keeping it as it is (though I'm not wearing the belt, so they will remove the hooks for me). I'm personally not a fan of lace up backs. I think the buttons look way nicer.
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    beautiful dress ladies. This was my dress for such a long time but I changed my mind at the last minute. I'm sure you'll all look stunning!
  • It's a gorgeous dress x
  • Hi Ladies - I wore this dress and I felt like an absolute princess all day - it's beautiful and so comfortable. I loved the way it "swished" when I walked.

    Some pics can be seen here:

    Great choice ladies!

    Mrs H xx
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    MrsHawtree- Those pics are gorgeous!! Lovely seeing a real bride in the dress. Has anyone chosen white? I have. I always thought I'd go for ivory, as I have really pale skin and thought white would look ridiculous. Turns out I was wrong. The ivory made my skin look sallow and the white looked lovely!

    Typically though, I had already bought some ivory shoes. image
  • Well i'm wearing mine next Saturday, I'll try and find this thread and post some piccies after image
  • I have ordered it!!!! Went to try it on again on Friday and I still love it! I wasn't even interested in looking at or trying on any other dresses! This is sooo MY dress!!

    As for the back, I am still undecided. I have discussed it with the store and they said I can put the lace up back in and if I am worried about the belt then I can always just have it go round the front and then stitched at the sides so that it doesnt go round the back. Something to think about I suppose!!

  • Mrs Hawtree you look AMAZING! Such a stunning bride!

    I love seeing real brides wearing my dress!!

  • I also had this dress when I got married in August, so many people commented on how nice it was to see a bride in something other than satin like material and I loved wearing it! This is me in it -

  • This is a gorgeous dress. I had this one picked as the dress up until a couple of months ago but when I tried it on again after loosing a bit of weight and I changed my mind. Think i must have lost some of my curves so it didnt look right. I love how different the style is though - it's beautiful image. Its a great feeling finding THE dress!!

  • i loved my dress! image
  • Me!!!!! I ordered my 2058 in April and it comes into the shop in January - so excited to try on MY dress and not just the shop sample!

    I'm going to keep the buttons and zip as I quite like it and I am having it in Ivory without the belt.

    Great choice ladies! image
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    AmyLou- I ordered mine in April and it has arrived!! I was told November. Got to pay the remaining balance next week and then I'm going in October half term to try on my very own 2058. So excited! image
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