wedding dress shopping blues

Just keep that first experience in mind and remember you can always walk out of a shop if they are not making you feel good!


  • I had a similar experience, the first shop was lovely, absolutely perfect could not fault the customer service. The second shop left me to it to choose dresses (they had about...30) for HALF AN HOUR. That's a minute to spend on each dress. Three quarters weren't even possible due to sizes/styles/colours I didn't like and the rest I tried on and none of them did up and she even left me standing in one of them while she rang someone!

    I went back to the first, had another try on and promptly bought my dress. At least you know how good it can be - some people only ever experience horrible shops!! image
  • Hiya,

    The first shop I went into was awful - the lady who I assume was the manager was rude to two of my friends(the other friend kept quiet!) - she practically shouted at one saying she should keep her opinions to herself!

    She wouldn't let me try on a dress that she wouldn't be able to get in for me - I know they won't get the sale if I had loved that style but I still think she was rude and horrible.

    It left me not wanting to go to my next appointment a few days later and I almost didn't but they were wonderful.

    Don't let bad customer service in one place put you off image
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    oh hun.... i feel your pain!

    i visited in total - 23 shops over 7 months, each shop was a different experience. some couldn't be bothered with me when they knew my budget and others didn't make me feel special at all. however some shops were amazing and couldn't do enough! ii think it varies.

    i tried on 50+ dresses until i found mine (prob more like 70+ lol) and went with a shop that i felt happy with, and could help me without any hesitation.

    don't be disheartened. just keep going.... image
  • Your a size 12 for goodness sake!don't let an idiot sales assistant make you feel like that!it should be a special time choosing your dress,you only get to do it once! I really don't understand these shops that treat people like that, there's no way they'd get a sale from me when all you want to do is get out!

    Good luck with the rest of your shopping it's amazing the difference good customer service makes! xx
  • Because of changes in our financial circumstances, I'm now making my own dress, but prior to that, I was actually told by a bridal shop assistant that they would have problems getting a dress to fit me!!!! (I'm a size 18 and have no intention of losing weight before the big day)

    Don't let snotty assistants put you off - there are plenty of good shops staffed by lovely women who will be only too happy to help you find the dress of your dreams
  • I think we've all been there sweetie. You'll know when you've found the right shop and the right dress becuase you'll leave feeling fantastic. I had one day out with my bridesmaids where they were either really pushy or just totally disinterested. I went to one and she already had one dress picked out for me - wouldn;t even let me try on anything else.

    The shop I've now bought my dress from were amazing. Let me browse, suggested things, let me try on things she knew were way over my budget just so we could look at styles and work out what suited and what didn't. In the end she sold me the sample of my dream dress at a discounted price.

    I worte a post just like your a couple months back. Don't let it get you down - at a size 12 with boobs your no way fat.

    As everyone says -it's not all like that...promiseimage

    Good luck xxx
  • I really didn't like the manager of the shop I bought my dress in. She told me to pick out some dresses si I did then she came back and totally ignored my choices and moaned that I'd 'ruled out' so many things because I told her I didn't want straps or flowers!

    We tried on a few dresses and there was one that was nice but not amazing and she kept on at me about whether it was THE dress and what is it I don't like about it.

    She went away and picked another dress and at this point I was thinking that I'll try this one and then go and she came back with my dress and I really grudge it, but she picked well image
  • I've completely been there!

    One shop I went to ignored everything I said I did and didn't want, made me feel fat & horrible and I had to practically force her to let my try on the one dress I actually liked the look of!!

    Another shop complained that we were about 20mins early and wouldn't let us wait inside the shop because they had another bride still there

    Since then I've been to another shop that was fab and I've actually managed to find some dresses I like (which didn't seem at all likely at one point!)

    Keep trying, there are some bloody awful shops out there and I don't know frankly how they manage to stay in business when they're so crap and rude
  • Awh poor you hunny.Thats the last thing you need when choosing a gown as there hard enough to pick.

    I had a lovely experience to be honest and got a glass of bucks fizz too. I do know what you mean though because I went to a shop for bridesmaid dresses and she told my bridesmaid she should just come back when she gets a minimiser bra!!! Well I didnt buy from that shop so her loss image
  • Some shops are awful. I went to one where the assistant was too busy chatting with her buddy and left me standing around for ages holding up a dress that didn't fit, and hardly said a word to me. Needless to say I bought my dress from a shop where nothing was too much trouble, and when I eventually chose my dress, the lady rushed off and came back with a huge bouquet of flowers for me, which was so lovely I cried! That's how service should be!
  • I was lucky that all the shops I went in were nice, tho the nicest was where u brought my dress.

    I'm a size 12 usually, but have 36DD - E boobs, and my dress needed to be a size 16 - as the smaller sizes were going to be to small to cover my boobs, try not to be upset, if your big chested you just need a bigger size to get your boobs into - I quite often need a size 14 in shirts, coats etc for same reason.
  • What area are you looking? Maybe people could recommend some places to go? I think the same as everyone I've had a total mix of attitudes in stores I've visited. The worst I went to involved the store owner ranting at the other sales assistants that I didn't like any of the dresses while I was behind the curtain! Goodness, I'm not deaf! I went home and cried after that.

    I'm loving the flowers and bucks fizz treatment though, I've not been luck enough to find that yet. Still looking though so finger
  • Newbie....MOB here.....been reading all these posts and my goodness there does seem to be some really horrible shop owners/assistants out there. You would never go buy a house/car etc after only being shown what the salesman 'thought' you would like or suit !

    My daughter has been to the SCOTTISH WINNER of the Bridal Retailer VOWS AWARDS 2010..OPUS COUTURE in West Kilbride...and it was a BRILLIANT visit, the staff are outstanding and very knowledgeable and let Caitlin pick out ALL the dresses she fancied trying on and absolutely NO pressure to buy. Can't wait to go back....if any Scottish 'brides to be' are looking for a totally different experience , give them a call and you won't regret image
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