Possibly buying a sample sale gown...help needed asap!!!!!!!

hi ladies, I'm going dress shopping tomorrow and one of the bridal shops I'm going to is closing down so they are selling all of the dresses off at a good price. I'm currently losing weight, I've lost a stone which has taken me to a size 16 I'm going to lose another 2 stone. The lady in the shop has said that they carry sample size dresses upto 20 so will be fine. In the hope of saving money I'm still going to go. I have a lady that will do my alterations I'm just unsure because I'm losing weight? Anyone had any experiance like this or any advice for me before tomorrow would be so grateful!!!!

Thanks. X x


  • I'd say try and work out a realistic dress size - I'd say you'd probably be a 10-12 - and go for the size higher. I've been told it's a lot easier to adjust down than up!
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    Congrats on the weight loss so far, I've done exactly the same as what you're thinking.

    I was top end of a size 16 & I've lost 2 stone making me a size 14, bought an Amanda Wyatt dress which should've been £1000 for £225 when I was a size 16. It's a size 14 but I'm planning on losing another stone to 2 stones if I can & they said it would be no problem to take it in by 2 sizes if need be but I loved the dress & at that much of a bargain I couldn't resist x
  • My dress is a sample. It's a Sincerity size 14. I'm normally a 16 top and 14 bottom. Have been losing weight tho and still have a stone and half to go. It's a corset back so it fit me even tho it was a size too small. May even still fit when i'm target weight.

    Maybe consider something with corsetting if you'r worried about weight gain/loss. Will give you more room for change than if you had one with a zip.

    Have fun

  • My dress is a sample, I'm normally a 12 on bottom 14 on top, but my dress is a size 16.

    It fitted perfectly, apart from being too long, and needing taking in on chest, tho I've since lost neatly a stone, so it might need more adjustments now.

    Anyway my point is, that even if you think you might be a 12 on your wedding day, a 12 in a wedding dress might still not fit, so id go for a size bigger then your expecting to be in 'normal' clothes - if that makes sense!
  • My dress was bought off the rail. I love it. fits so beautifully. But then i was lucky.

    I wasn't loosing weight though, I bought a size 12 as i was a size 12 when i bought it and i plan to be a size 12 next year when i get married.
  • So if I probably go for a size 14???? Thanks ladies x
  • Hi, I brought a sample dress. It was a 10 & v tight but did up just. I dieted into it and it fitted like a glove, better than if I'd been measured I reckon. Anyway, my point is I was never really a 10, more a 10/12 but my dress was an ellis and the sizing wasn't mean at all

    It really depends on the designer so just try on what u like & see if you think you. Can slim into it!
  • I have recently bought a sample dress. I am a size 10 on top and 10-12 on the bottom. The dress is a small 14 so needs some adjustment, but given it has a corset back, that helps because it can give you an idea of how it can look and taken in.

    If you have a seamstress you know, it could be worth talking to them first so they can advise on what to look out for.

    Good luck and I hope you find a beautiful dress xx
  • Hi thought I would update you!!!! Went shopping today, the dress shop where the sample sale was on the lady let me try on one dress and was pushing for me to have that one!!! The lady was vile told me I was small chested......hardly if she has bad eye sight (I'm and E cup)!!!!! So me and my mum left that shop an went to another one which the first lady slagged off to the high heavens!!! Well the shop was beautiful the ladies were lovely and made me and my mum feel special and very welcome!!! I found a beautiful maggie sottero gown which was £1200 but the lady has given me £150 towards my accesories!!! Soooo excited now!!! Xx
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