Help - Dress Alterations - Recommendations needed!

Hello All

I need some recommendations for places that can alter my wedding dress. I was planning on ordering it online but don't want to go ahead and do this until I can find somewhere good enough to alter it. I have found a few places round by where i live (south west london) but have found really horrible reviews online for all of them saying that they have ruined peoples dresses etc.

Most bridal shops only alter their own gowns so if people could let me know who they have used it would be much appreciated. I'm willing to travel a little bit as well if they are good enough (i'll rope H2B into driving me image )



  • emsyjemsyj Posts: 3,807
    Blackburn Bridal Couture in Blackheath were willing to give me details for their fitter/seamstress (although I don't have them any more, sorry). They are a highly reputable shop selling very expensive high-end gowns, so although I can't personally recommend their fitter (as I didn't need to use her in the end) I would have faith that your dress would be safe with her. Blackburn Bridal Couture have some great reviews on here - never heard a bad review of it tbh. If you e-mail them they might be able to help, although it is 2 years ago that they gave the details to me so there's a chance they may have changed their policy since then.
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