Rosa Clara???

My sister recently got engaged and she has been looking at wedding dresses. She has fallen in love with Rosa Clara's Armilla dress but is struggling to find stockists in the UK and rrp. Does anyone know anywhere in the UK that stocks Rosa Clara dresses and/or the price range for the range?

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  • mrslane2bmrslane2b Posts: 1,205
    I know a shop in London stocks it - they are in waterloo.

    I enquired about a dress from rosa clara they (they didnt actually have it but offered to order it in). The lady said they start around £1500.

    Hope this helps!
  • I fell in love with Rosa Clara online and tracked them down everywhere! On the website there is a "stockist" area in the UK. The biggest local shop is Paris though (if you are London way) you could have a trip over for the day. I went to a shop called Amalfi near Guildford that also stocked some. In the end I didn't go for one - unfortunately they make them look a lot better in the pictures than they appear in real life (in my opinion anyway) so just make sure your sister keeps an open mind image
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    I heard from a friend that they stock them in Liberty's but I've not been to try on there so worth checking. She went to try them on in Liberty but this was in 2009.
  • Clearly I don't have enough to do today haha....

    Here is the list from the website:

    THe Wedding Wardrobe: London

    Miss Bush Bridal Wear : Ripley, Surrey

    Mamfii Bridal: Near Guildford (where I went, it is a lovely shop, in a modern barn)

    Quello, Kenilworth, Warickshire

    Fairytale Couture, Putney.

    Don't know if they stock elsewhere, but these are the only places on their website, so i think you'd be safe with these.

    Good luck!
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    They definitely don't stock them in Liberty anymore.

    I know Miss Bush Bridal in Surrey is no longer taking new order for Rosa Clara dresses, but she may have some samples sales.

    A friend of mine was interested in a Rosa Clara dress and a bridal shop owner told her to go it would be much cheaper to fly over to Barcelona a few times to try on and for fittings, rather than buy in the UK.
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    Hi Bibbybibby.

    Did you have any luck with this? I have fallen in love with the same dress and would love to know if you managed to find it, and whether it was as good in real life??

  • lula12lula12 Posts: 81

    They definitely stock Rosa Clara at Quello in Kenilworth, I tried one on in there not long ago! It's a lovely shop too! x
  • Where are Rosa Clara dresses actually made? 

    designers such as Maggie Sottero, some Vera Wang and Essence are made in China!!



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