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When should I worry?

My wedding is on the 22nd July (about 3 weeks away!!) and my dress has not yet arrived in the shop. I ordered it in February but was told that it should be in at the beginning of June. It's now nearly the beginning of July!

I have phoned the shop again and they say don't worry it will be here! Am I stressing over nothing? What do I do if it doesn't arrive?



  • nataliedcrnataliedcr Posts: 1,759
    erm, i bought my dress off the internet so have had it for while now but i would be really starting to panic that it's not here yet - esp when they said it'll be here early june! if i was u i would phone them again and ask for a specific date that it wll be here. erm, nt much help sorry. hope u get it sorted.

  • mrsS1258mrsS1258 Posts: 459
    I would go in and see them in person and request that they ring their supplier there and then to confirm the delivery date! Good luck :\)
  • ecstaticukecstaticuk Posts: 56
    hi had same problem not so tight a date but the shop i orderd from also took very long! only heard today that it is here - 5 weeks to go!!! I would go over there and demand a delivery date! i did that and it turned up 2 days later. apparantly some shops leave it till late for insurance reasons. as they can not hold many expensive dresses at once! good luck but be stern with them!
  • tuppenceuktuppenceuk Posts: 5,346
    worry now.

    I agree - go in in person and make them sort it out while you watch. or if you can't do that straight away, ring them four or five times a day. be nice at first - it may not be their fault - but pester them - they'll want to get it sorted just to get rid of you!

    you'll need time to do the alterations, and any less than a few weeks is not a good move (though they'll have to do them).

    another thing to point out to them is that if they gave you a delivery date, they are now in a potential breach of contract situation, meaning you could sue themfor not only a refund but emotional distress and all that.

    should get their backsides in gear!
  • Thanks for your replies. The shop were really nice when i ordered and have been so far - they keep telling me not to worry but I think i'm the only person at the wedding that hasn't got a new outfit yet. I know it's 3 weeks still but I will start to badger more next week if i've still not heard.image
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