Any Pronovias Jennifer brides out there?

Just wondering if anyone has bought this dress for their wedding?

I have and love it, it is "the one"...but keep having a niggly feeling that it needs an extra detail round the waist? Has anyone customised this dress to add more detail to it?

I did try on a few belts in the shop but none of them looked right as they were too blingy! I think im only getting this feeling because I tried on a few other dresses with detail at the waist and it was something I had initially wanted?x


  • I'm not a Jennifer, but it's a pretty dress! I wouldn't add any detail at the waist, I think it's pretty enough without and I think belts can sometimes spoil the way a dress hangs. Congrats on finding your dress though image
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    Yes I am! before the lady in the shop even finished doing it up I knew it was the one.

    Personally I love it just the way it is, so it's hard for me to comment on the belt idea. I love the simplicity of it but that it has the lace detail and the lovely bodice.

    I think it's normal to wobble a bit when you have an idea of what you wanted and you go for something different - the Jennifer is different to what I thought I wanted but whenever I have tried it on since I remember how much I love it and it really is right! I think it's easy to forget when you constantly see other dresses everywhere. As for the belts being too blingy there is time to keep looking and thinking about that - see if you can find a less bling one. I really rate and you might find nice ideas on there and perhaps something you can personalise and have made as you would like it?

    I am keeping all my jewellery and accessories to a minimum so all the attention is on the dress. Here's me in mine. I have since gone for a slightly bigger hoop to make the skirt even fuller. Good luck with your decision! image

    Edited as I re-read your post and saw you have already got the dress.
  • Thank you both so much for your replies, you are both so right, it is beautiful in its simplicity! I think it is a wobble, I bought it about a month or so ago and know its still so long til I can see it again (although the ladies in the shop said I could come and visit their sample anytimeimage

    Aww Adelly you look gorgeous in the dress!!! Your pic actually brought a tear to my eye as I cant wait to wear my dress...its quite weird seeing someone else in you dress too hehe!! I like the idea of the bigger hoop to make it fuller! Your veil is very similar to mine, the same length, is it satin edging?

    Im also going for quite minimal jewellery although I hadnt intended to, my mum has offered me her pearl necklace that she got from her granda and i have a pearl and gold bracelet I will wear too, simple is definately better!

    Wow and only 9 days to go for you, how exciting!! Have an amazing wedding day xx
  • adelly2005adelly2005 Posts: 194
    I had the most wobbles right after buying the Jennifer - did I try enough dresses on/did I try enough styles etc etc. I think the thought that I had to wait all them months to wear it didn't help. As time has gone on and I've had the fittings and tried it on a few times more I know I made the right choice. I don't think you need to worry at all image

    Thank you for the lovely comments. I have only seen 1 other person in the dress and yes it was a bit strange! I loved the satin edging veils but my one is just a plain one. I think I might just wear it for the ceremony so I compramised by getting a plain one.

    I was thinking about buying a bling headpiece to wear but they just didn't seem to suit me and even the lady in the shop talked me out of it saying keep everyone's eyes on the dress! Your jewellery sounds like it will look lovely!

    Yes 9 days to go! We can't wait! Thank you image x
  • I think wobbles are natural, ive seen a few dresses since that I thought ooh I would have loved a dress like that, but I love my dress and its right for me, and thats what matters! It was the only one where I didnt think, oh my hips / tummy etc look big, I felt completely comfortable...and the sample dress was 3 sizes too small haha!! It also made my waist look tiny!

    I've got a headpiece but its not bling its quite subtle, its a pearl one from glitzy secrets (cant get on the website as im at work and cant remember the name). I think the dress speaks for itself so you definately dont need anything glitzy to detract from it! Are you wearing your hair down? Im trying to grow my hair and am considering keeping it down and wavy

    No I definately dont, I tried it on 3 times in total over 2 different days and with my mum the 3rd time and she loved it image

    Im going to attempt to upload a photo of me in it..if my work computer allows it xx
  • adelly2005adelly2005 Posts: 194
    I'll be wearing it down in loose curls with half taken up. Similar to the picture only better I hope! image

    I did originally want an updo but when I tried it on with my hair up I just didn't feel right, and with it being strapless I personally like having some hair round my shoulders. I got some little diamantee clips from Glitzy Secrets to scatter in my hair, I love that site!

    Ooo hopefully you can get a pic uploaded would love to see it! x
  • Ok here goes!

    Its a pretty terrible picture, the lady in the shop (who kindly took the photo because the boss was out!!) has cut my head off a bit so you cant see the headpiece, I had no idea what to do with my arms and the dress was too small haha!!!


  • Did that work? I cant see it so im thinking not? Its not easy to add pic's!

    Ooh you hair sounds lovely, the diamante clips will look really pretty. Im a bit gutted as my hair is usually as long as yours but I needed a change so cut it short about a month before Andy proposed aargh! Thank god ive still got a year! Which is also enough time to figure out what to do with my arms in photos...thank god for bouquets image
  • i cant see the pic, can you repost it? x
  • take two!

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    Gorgeous! You look fab. I love how it nips you in at the waist (I love that part too!) No need for wobbles and I'm not just saying that cos I'm biased image

    If you want to you have plenty of time to grow your hair. I think I can just about see a peep of the headpiece. That will look lovely with your hair down!

    I had to laugh at what to do with your arms - I remember thinking the same thing hehe! x

  • Ive put another pic up so you can see the headpiece slightly better!

    I couldnt believe how nipped in my waist was either...definately a big part of why I chose it! I was very sure of what I wanted it before I tried it on. I dont know if you saw the dress in the same collection called Jenny, but I had fallen in love with it but couldnt find a stockist so to start with Jennifer was a bit of a 2nd choice to it (hence the flower at the waist wobble as Jenny has one). But since trying on Jennifer I have completely changed my mind!

    My arms definately need sorting out though hahaha!!! x
  • Hello girls! A little too late, but I've just read your comments and feel quite relieved because I just tried Jennifer at Pronovias and I liked it, I'm just a little bit insecure about the color...I've always loved an ivory not so white and this model is kind of natural white, also its a little bit simple...I tried it with a belt but it was a little blingy so it didnt convince me so much, and then i keep seeing dresses and i get more confused....Im supposed to go and buy it tomorrow morning but in this moment I have wobbles!!! Dont know what to do....want to give me some advice? Would be nice on this moment.. haha

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