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Ronald Joyce brides :)

Does any of the lovely Ronald Joyce brides know if the Ronald Joyce Donna dress is ment to come with a full length veil in the price? image


  • I have Ronald Joyce - Lola, and none of the dress I tried on (tried on over 100) came with a veil

    I had to buy my veil's separatly
  • Yeah I didn't think it did but I've read a few times that it came with one. Thanks anyway image
  • xlisaxmxxlisaxmx Posts: 151
    I've got Donna and it comes with a stole but not a veil. I managed to get a veil for free from my dress shop though.
  • My Donna doesnt come with a veil - bought mine seperately xx
  • Any ronald joyce padova brides? Ive bought this dress but woul like to see pics of real brides in it too? xx

  • DanielleJDanielleJ Posts: 60

    Im Ronald Joyce Lola and i had to pay £100 for my veil. But they gave me £100 off as was £200. x

  • chelle532chelle532 Posts: 173
    kellybobz26 wrote (see)

    Any ronald joyce padova brides? Ive bought this dress but woul like to see pics of real brides in it too? xx

    I'm a padova bride!! image I'm making some slight changes to the dress though. Do you have pics of you in it? I have one x

  • What is the price of the padova dress please?


  • chelle532chelle532 Posts: 173

    My local shop have Padova priced at £1359. I managed to get a deal though image

  • Hi ive paid 1499. Hi chelle i dont have a pic as they wouldnt let me take one in the shop. Please could i see your pi? i will have to sneak one when i go for my fitting. What adjustments you making to the dress? you can PM me if you like x

  • Bride2b1Bride2b1 Posts: 355


    im a padova bride too

    i have a pic of me in it but dont know how to post,

    would love to see others in this gorgeous dress?? would also love to know what ajustments you have made chelle532

  • Bride2b1Bride2b1 Posts: 355

    oh also padova brides... what veil and tiara are you wearing? if you are wearing?

  • MrsEMrsE Posts: 3

    has everyone searched online for prices of ronald joyce dresses? i cant find prices on any websites...

  • MrsP2B13MrsP2B13 Posts: 312
    I no the liva dress comes with a veil but the woman in the shop I went to never mentioned it when I orderd my dress then I seen a few posts about it coming with a veil so I foned the shop and surprise surprise it comes with a veil the shop assistant "forgot" to mention it ! Xx
  • Bride2b1Bride2b1 Posts: 355
    There's never any prices on line you have to go in the shop

    I tried calling a few different shops when looking for my dress and they wouldn't give prices out over the phone either.
  • chelle532chelle532 Posts: 173
    Bride2b1 wrote (see)


    im a padova bride too

    i have a pic of me in it but dont know how to post,

    would love to see others in this gorgeous dress?? would also love to know what ajustments you have made chelle532

    I'm having some beading removed from the skirt to give it a cleaner more sleek look. I'm also having layers added to make it a ball gown instead of an A-line. 

    Which tiara are you having? I originally thought I didn't want one. Then in debenhams the other day I tried one on for a laugh and loved the look (not the tiara) so now I think I'm going to have one. As for my veil I fell in love with a Elizabeth Dickens veil named Duffy. But I'm making my own one.

  • Bride2b1Bride2b1 Posts: 355
    Ummm more layers I love that idea

    Think I ll just stick to a netted underskirt though

    I think a side tiara but not 100% sure
  • I order my Padova dress back in early November and they said I won't get it until May 2013..I am quite anxious not sure if it took that long for you ladies to receive it too? I live in Toronto, Canada...and it cost me CAD$2000, did I get ripped off? sigh....bad choice for me to go to that dress store without too much I regret paying that much for the dress but hopefully it will turn out good when i receive it.

  • I am a padova bride image

    However, I last tried the dress on in April 2012.  My dress fitting is in 4 weeks time and I am worried I am not going to like it ot change my mind. 

    I did fall in love with it when I saw it, just think I rememeber it being quite a heavy dress image

    The story:

    I had tried many dresses on over the space of a month, and was like ' yeah thats nice' ' yeah that looks nice', and I did at some point choose a dress which was like a lacy and victorian type dress with a long train, but something kept telling me 'no, that isn't THE dress.  THEN, I saw the model wearing the dress, I had to try and hunt it down......  I called so may stores to try and find where I could try one on and I FOUND ONE!! Went up there and when I saw it being lifted on it's hanger I took a massive gasp for breath and was like 'WOW',  then when the lady was helping fit me into it in the changing room I feel in love with it, even though there was no mirror and just knew it was THE ONE and it felt so right and it was so sparkly, and then when I walked out of the dressing room and looked in the mirror, the dress was mine there and then! My mum had seen me try on so many dresses saying ' yeah thats nice' that she had become a little bit unsure of whether I was going to change my mind again, but I never did.  Just can't wait to be reunited with the dress again as it was APRIL last year that I last saw it!!!! I managed to get the dress for £1255.

    ONLY WORRYING THING IS THAT THE MODEL WEARING THE PADOVA IS LIKE A SIZE 0 and I will never look like that so I try not to compare myself to her haha

  • MrsE wrote (see)

    has everyone searched online for prices of ronald joyce dresses? i cant find prices on any websites...

    Hello MrsE

    I'm getting my Ronald Joyce dress from the below bridal shop and they have prices online:-

  • Bride2b1Bride2b1 Posts: 355
    I was the same with my padova

    Tried loads on and nearly bought a maggie sortero mirabella but something kept holding me back

    Until I saw the padova

    I loved it instantly buy went back to the shop a few weeks later with my mum and I shook when I put it back on

    I cant wait to wear her in 15 weeks

    Can I ask what tiara if any your wearing ??
  • I'm wearing a comb with mine but this tiara looked amazing with it, it doesn't look great in the photo but in real life it's amazing, it's swarovski crystals.



  • Bride2b1Bride2b1 Posts: 355
    Thanks for the pic

    I'm not a lover of the crown type tiara

    I either want a flat head band type one or a comb/ slide

    Or side

    It was easier choosing my dress than something for my hair !

    15 weeks tomorrow so I need to pull my finger out !
  • My dress is at my parents!! Lola is hanging and all ready to go. 1 week till I get to wear my dream dress



  • SB2013SB2013 Posts: 281
    Rebecca - I've also ordered my ronald Joyce dress from crush image
  • I ordered my Padova in decemebr and it arrived last week so i think thats about the right length of time for them to be made.....

    I'm having my hair curly to the side so am REALLY unsure about having a veil.... any ideas???

  • Linz24Linz24 Posts: 1

    I have only seen pictures of the padova but it looks just what I want! I can't find any stores that stock it to try it on image I'm from Huddersfield does anyone know anywhere near there? Thank you.

  • kaylie8kaylie8 Posts: 3

    Hi I am selling my Padova wedding dress size 10 if any is intersested Offers around £800

  • Becca2Becca2 Posts: 4

    Hi everyone I'm a Padova bride too!  I'd love to see some pictures of other brides too please!

    I ordered mine from 2 have and 2 hold forever in Kidderminster. I met them at the wedding show at the nec and bought it for £950 - normal price they said was £1,200.  The staff there are just lovely and do what they can to help you.  I had tried the dress on in a size 14 locally and the woman in the local shop was trying to sell me that dress saying it was my size, but the sides of my boobs (I'm large chested) were popping out of my dress. I said I'd order a larger size but she told me it wouldn't look right and my boobs would still be the same due to their size.  Obviously I freaked out as I don't have that much on show during the summer! Never mind my wedding day! My mom had taken some quick pics so I sent it to them and they assured me a larger size would be a much better fit and made me feel much more at ease.  I highly recommend the shop in Kidderminster!

    I'm getting married in October 2014.  I'd like to know if any of you have bought your own hoops to put underneath your dress.  I'd like it pretty big around the bottom but not too sure which style to buy - double hoop etc.

    My other question to the Padova brides - I've seen veils online much cheaper than in the wedding shops - is a white or ivory veil the best match for this dress.  If I remember rightly it was a fairly light ivory dress?

    Thank you in advance image



  • MisshapeMisshape Posts: 117

    I was a padova bride and had an ivory veil - the dress was also ivory. I also had a single hoop which worked fine - I'd just advise making sure you can walk ok as it is a big dress and a tricky art to master!

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