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I have a horrible tattoo on the top middle of my back which I would LOVE to have removed, not covered up, actually removed but I'm petrified at the pain. I was really young when I had it (16) and stupid.

My question is, does any body know any good cover up make up for my back for my wedding day? I brought one lot but it was terrible. Also, do u know if there is anyone u can hire that will come in on the morning and doing it for u? Someone professional

Would love some help with this as I'm petrified that its gonna be on show and I don't even show it now, let alone on my big day. I will deffo have my hair down x


  • Hi, Kat von D does a tattoo concealer that is really good. If you go on YouTube there are videos of her covering all her tattoos with it.

    I found this on eBay.. you might be able to get it from elsewhere though.

    Edited as i found you tube vid...

    Hope this helps x
  • Keeley4684Keeley4684 Posts: 259
    Oh thank u so much,will have a good look at them and do a bit of research. Really appreciate that xx
  • Hi Keeley. I'm currently having a tattoo removed from my arm for my wedding next sep.

    Ive had 7 sessions and it is fading fast. I can not wait until its gone and I can get my arms out again image

    The treatment only lasts a few mins and it is a bit painful but it's worth it I say.

    Anyway, I always cover my tattoo up for nights out and all the time on holiday! I use Kat Von Ds tattoo concealer, and a colour wheel I bought from tattoo camo online with the dusting powder and setting spray, I just mix the colours until I've got it matched to my skin tone and it looks totally flawless.

    A lot of make up artists will have experience with tattoo cover up, so just check around when your booking, I had mines covered professionally for my bday party and I'm sure it cost £15 .

    Hope you get it sorted. X
  • This reminded me of a video for a product I saw once... Pretty sure it's the kind of thing you're after. It's called Dermablend and I think it's only available in America but if it's anything like the video it would be totally worth getting it! Basically you know that Lady Gaga video where she has the guy all covered in tattoos? (his name is Zombie Boy apparently he's a famous model.. I had no idea lol)

    well here he is with Dermablend on!

    Amazing right?!? I'm tempted to buy some, if it can cover those tattoos it can cover my dark circles! image
  • interesting idea...
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    I am also having a tattoo removed by Laserase, they recently sent me to the red cross to have a colour match and they supplied me with Keromask camouflage make up which is really good
  • Keeley4684Keeley4684 Posts: 259
    Thanks for your answers girls, I'll definitely be trying some of the ideas x
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