yey i have my tiara, earrings and veil now all sorted-pics included

my lovely nan got me a tiara and earrings i love them and i now have my veil but not sure if its just a bit two big hmmm still deciding on that ??


  • Aww, lovely!

    Regarding whether or not the veil is "too big" - wear it with your dress! I had the same concern about my veil when wearing it with my usual clothes as you are in the picture, to the extent that I fully intended to pick out a new one when I went back to the shop to collect my dress. But with my dress on too, it was perfect.
  • PeasnCarrotsPeasnCarrots Posts: 1,831
    I think it would look lovely with your dress x
  • MrsT2013MrsT2013 Posts: 536
    tanks here is my dress

  • nicolajane82nicolajane82 Posts: 531
    Ooh they are lovely! Your dress is gorgeous! Can I ask where your earring are from? Its the last bit I need to get and Im struggling!
  • I think it all looks lovely! image

    Love your tiara - where is it from if you don't mind me asking?
  • anne19788anne19788 Posts: 24

    Wow, your jewellery is really pretty, I love your dress too image

  • MrsT2013MrsT2013 Posts: 536

    earrings are from bhs tiara was bought somewhere in usa when they went on world cruise

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