ohhhhhhh have just got two gorgeous brown bm dresses for £50 soooo happy!!!

have just got two dresses from a lady on ebay there called david bridal dresses am sooo happy such a weight lifted off my shoulders now only got one more bm to do who is sister but happy ive saved on those dresses can spend bit more on hers!

just hope they do arrive in post and iv not been conned! and we find something very similar to these 2 for the other bm




  • manfawmanfaw Posts: 2,756

    Loads of people on another wedding forum us Davids Bridal so I think you'll be fine! 

  • MrsT2013MrsT2013 Posts: 536

    ohhhh was soo pleased when i saw them!!!!image

  • Could you send me a link to the seller please
  • MrsT2013MrsT2013 Posts: 536

    it was just a lady selling them from her wedding its not a dealer

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