My dress has been altered and now I don't like it


I have been in tears this afternoon as I went in for my 2nd dress fitting to try on dress after alterations and I was so upset as it looks like a completely different dress and I want it back to how it was.  It was taken in at the waist as I have a small waist but it makes my hips looks HUGE, before it went down gradually to my hips.  They said if it was how it was before it would be too big but if felt ok before, it did need expanding at thighs as was tight, and I just went with the waist thing as I trusted them to know what they were doing.

I just don't know what to do know, there is material to widen it again, I hate being pulled in so tight, why do they do this with wedding dress, they said they did not even do me up that tightly, but I just feel like I won't be able to eat my lunch!  Why can it not have a little movement?

Should I go back to the same shop and say I want it changed back to how it was - it may mean the ribbon tie at the back won't be so wide and on display but hey.  Or do I go elsewhere?  It is so upsetting, I then started thinking maybe this was not meant to be the dress for me?  What if I have got it so wrong?  But I love it.

Getting married in 2 months!

Any advice would be appreciated xxxx


  • Sorry to hear that.....I know the feeling as I'm having doubts about mine. Could they take it out on the hips a little? Or could you try a fuller hoop to give it more volume around the hips ( bear in mind that it rises the dress so will make it a bit shorter in the length). What did the seamstress suggest?
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    I would go back to them and ask them to put it right. At the end of the day their job is to give you the dress you want, not the way they think it should be. You shouldnt have to pay anyone to correct their mistakes. Tell them politely and explain how upset you are that you are doubting your choice now. Im sure, if they are reasonable people, they will put it right for you.

    Good luck and let us know how it goes.

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    Sorry to hear that, must be a horrible feeling! Definitely take it back for them to fix, they were supposed to make your dream dress fit you perfectly and if you're not happy with it tell them exactly how you feel and hopefully they can sort it for you.

    Fingers crossed it all goes well this time! 

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    Do you have pictures of the dress before and after? x

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    Is there anyway you can do the dress up less tight?

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