Hoop or Crinoline???

Hi, what is everyone else having? I've tried my dress on with a hoop (shop only supply hoops) and I loved how comfortable it was, what I didn't like was that I think it was visible, maybe I was imagining it!!

I'd like to have a coloured crinoline but seeing how I haven't tried one on I wonder what everyone else out there thinks?


  • MrsBeau2BMrsBeau2B Posts: 1,513

    I tried mine on with the hoop and hated how it felt. It did keep my dress away from my legs which would be nice for our summer wedding, but it felt a bit stiff and unnatural, so i will be going for a net underskirt with no hoop.

    I thought you could see the outline of the hoop too - and i have def seen this before on brides at weddings i have been to!

  • chelle532chelle532 Posts: 173

    I thought i could see outline. The girl in shop siad you wouldn't once the dress was the right length but I wasn't convinced. I'd also like to dye my crinoline I think. Thanks x

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