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any other Sonsie by Veromia brides?

Well it looks like I have made a decision on my dress image

I've absolutely fallen in love with the 9001 by Sonsie Veromia and I'm so excited and over the moon image

On saturday in the shop I tried on loads of different dress and remember with this one that it was one of the few where I didn't have my shoulders hunched up around my ears. In the shop another dress was my favourite, but when looking back through the pictures we took, this one just made me super excited and I had tears in my eyes image

We plan on taking quite a chunk off the train as I'm super clumsy, but other than that it's absolutely perfect. And it wasn't even one that I picked out, it was one that the staff member picked for me

Are there any other brides who have chosen a Sonsie dress?


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