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Hi all.

My engagement ring is pallidium, do you think it'd be weird to get a yellow gold wedding band?



  • Aesthetically it's totally up to you. I'd consult with a good jeweller first though for advice because certain metals have different levels of hardness and as a result shouldn't be worn together long term.

    For example, I have an 18 carat white gold engagement ring. Initially I'd planned to get a 9 carat white gold wedding band as it was far cheaper and nobody would know the difference. Fortunately my fabulous jeweller advised me against it, as despite being less valuable, 9 carat white gold is actually a harder metal than 18 carat. As a result if you wear 18 carat and 9 carat together for a long time, eventually the harder metal will wear away the softer gold!

    As I am planning to wear my rings for the rest of my life I've gone for an 18 carat band.

    So, yes! Get a jewellers advice first.

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