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Help! who's the dress designer?


can anyone tell me who designs this dress or if they have seen anything similar

thanks brides


  • Hi

    I'm not sure on the designer for this particular dress, what is it you particularly like about it?  Where did you get the picture from?


  • nicolajane82nicolajane82 Posts: 531

    I saw this dress on a show us your alternative dress thread the other day if you can find itimage?!

  • J1983J1983 Posts: 5

    commuter_girl : thanks for your reply ive looked everywhere on the net for this dress, saw it on another thread the other day and have since found several copies of the picture on various sites but it doesnt show the designer image i like the bodice and the flowyness of the skirt.  cant find anything like it anywhere aargh

  • I can't find it either image but I have found some that might look as nice (but all designer image).

    How about Suzanne Neville (leading lady or forever), or Manuel Mota (Ganges, Galveston) or Ritva Westenius (Cadogan or Thea) or Le Sposa Di Gio (C11 2, C11 24, C11 16).

    Good luck!


  • JodielouJodielou Posts: 4,058

    Pronovias might be worth a look

    How frustrating that you can't find it! image

    I Hope you do x

  • J1983J1983 Posts: 5

    thanks everyone image

    i'm going to carry on looking

  • Hey - Elizabeth Fillmore may have some similar dresses.

    Here is Deliah:



  • amy-lou-22amy-lou-22 Posts: 1,259

    Hey I posted this dress on the other thread but I simply found it on Piterest, sorry image

    I just presumed it was customer designed and/or super expencive.

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